It’s Jes with one “s”, and I am a woman. Being a woman isn’t easy, even from a young age, and I want to change that. From a young age, I quickly realized that I did not look like any of the women in the magazines. I thought I was the problem, and that I needed fixing. As it turns out, society is the issue, and I am fine just the way that I am. That last sentence, I still struggle with… and it shouldn’t be that way. That is why I am here, this is why I do this.

What is this? I am your photographer. I am going to help you realize that you are beautiful in the skin that you are in. I need every woman to know that they never need to alter or lose any part of their body to be worthy; and that it is ok to go out in public without makeup on; and that it is ok to wear any type of swimsuit. Most importantly, every woman can decide this for themselves, safely, and without judgement. That is what I need.



I'm Emily, the girl who does hair and makeup on every incredible woman that steps through our studio's doors. I graduated with a cosmetology degree in 2010 and worked as a stylist for a few years, before I happened to come across a job posting for Mad Chicken Studio. I met Jes got the job and haven't looked back since!

In my free time I spend it with my husband Charlie and our four Chihuahuas..yes you read that right I said four... and those four dogs are our world. We have, in order from the oldest, Pepe, Pablo, Ruby and Juniper. Duluth has been our home forever and we can't think of a better place to spend our lives together.

I love everything about boudoir photography and what it stands for. I love being able to work with women and make them feel beautiful, confident, or just grateful for the fact that they get to be pampered for two hours, because what woman doesn't deserve that every once and a while? I get to personalize each look according to each woman's individuality.  Its challenging, thrilling and so rewarding!



Hey There! I’m Katie, your friendly neighborhood personal cheerleader and number one fan. The second you walk in that door, my goal is to ensure that you believe and know how insanely gorgeous you are with your one of a kind beauty. I graduated from UMD (Go Bulldogs!) in 2012 with my degree in English and Communications. Long story short, I took QUITE a detour working in Accounting (… what?!) before Jes and Emily mentioned they were looking for a blog writer. A few short months later, I became Duluth Boudoir Photography’s Content Creator.

I had been a part of the VIP Facebook group for a while and when a last minute session opened up, I snagged that sucker, Well that was in January 2018 and I haven’t looked back. I have always been a fighter for body positivity and neutrality so when the opportunity came up to spend more time with you babes, I said goodbye to my dull life as an accounting assistant and hello to everything I’ve ever wanted. My dream has always been to build women up. You and your body are capable of amazing things despite everything you’ve been through and how society has made you feel, and that’s what has made you who you are today and we love it!





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