Yes, that’s me up there… my name is Jes, and I am a boudoir photographer.  I have been a photographer since 2004 and launched my studio in 2007.  My husband so graciously let me take over the first floor of our home as my studio for the first few years of business.  I have since then been kicked out ;), and my studio now resides in the beautiful Woodland neighborhood in Duluth, MN.

When I am not working at my studio {which isn't very often}, I am spending time with my incredibly supportive husband, and my animals!  We basically have a farm at our house, complete with two dogs, {Lucy the black lab, Odie the wonder rescue Pitbull}, one social director of a cat {Marvin}, and two turtles {Lisa and Travis}.

I enjoy hiking with my husband and dogs, netflixing, anything other than cleaning, Minnesota and specifically Duluth {I’m only writing this now because it is not -20 out}, dark coffee, dark beer, and animal rescue.

Boudoir has always been one of my favorite things to photograph because I love being able to make women love themselves for who they are.  It’s a hard thing to, love yourself as is, am I right?  Every woman deserves to feel amazing.  I do that by photographing each woman differently.  Even though we are all amazing, we are all different… different size, shape, age, height…. and so on.  I get inspired by each woman differently and photograph each woman to showcase what they love.


Hair and Makeup Artist | Emily with Mad Chicken Studio | Duluth Boudoir Photography

I'm Emily, the girl who does hair and makeup on every incredible woman that steps through our studio's doors. I graduated with a cosmetology degree in 2010 and worked as a stylist for a few years, before I happened to come across a job posting for Mad Chicken Studio. I met Jes got the job and haven't looked back since!

In my free time I spend it with my husband Charlie and our four Chihuahuas..yes you read that right I said four... and those four dogs are our world. We have, in order from the oldest, Pepe, Pablo, Ruby and Juniper. Duluth has been our home forever and we can't think of a better place to spend our lives together.

I love everything about boudoir photography and what it stands for. I love being able to work with women and make them feel beautiful, confident, or just grateful for the fact that they get to be pampered for two hours, because what woman doesn't deserve that every once and a while? I get to personalize each look according to each woman's individuality.  Its challenging, thrilling and so rewarding!


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