15 Things We Do For Self Care

Self Care is something we are hearing about more frequently these days but it's something most of us struggle with. As women, we are inclined to believe that our time is best spent on responsibilities other than ourselves and that is a thought process we need to change! You aren't any good to anyone if you aren't taking care of yourself. It could be something as simple as taking a bubble bath or something more time consuming such as scheduling a friend's weekend. What you do to refresh yourself and your mental state is entirely up to you; we just encourage you to be doing it more frequently.

Below are some of our favorite self care tactics.


One of Jes' favorite selfcare activities is Fit4Mom. It's a local group to the Twin Ports. It gives moms a chance to work out while also bonding with their children and sharing experiences with the other mother's in the group.


Because who doesn't love a good Netflix binge?! An even better Netflix binge? One that is guilt free. Set aside time for yourself to rejuvenate and binge a show just for you. Some of our favorite comedies are Schitt's Creek, Parks and Rec, and New Girl. Our favorite dramas are Queen of the South, 13 Reasons Why, and Shameless. Looking for a good Sci Fi show? Emily loves Altered Carbon. Lovesick, a Netflix Original and one of Katie's favorites, is a solid dramedy. RuPaul's Drag Race isn't on Netflix or Hulu anymore but Jes loves it more than you could ever know. Go buy it, love it, join us!


Royal Treatment Therapeutic Massage is our jam! Take care of your mind and body to recharge. Do yourself a favor and contact Joseph for the best massage of your life. He takes actual time to discuss what areas need work, what you do in your day to day life, and works accordingly. He's amazeboobies,


I don't know about you all, but my wardrobe is stuck in my college years. Black v necks (all bought at Deb - when that was a thing - 5 for $20 anyone?!), crusty jeans, and nicer items here and there. At this point in my life, I am wanting to present myself in the best light I can. Something that has really helped me is that I have been stashing money aside to buy myself a super cute new wardrobe staple. I try to do this once a month so I get to squash my urge to shop and I'm beginning to look more put together - which is probably a good thing because I'm almost 30 looking like I'm trying to be 18. Hard pass! Lulus, Showpo, and Blue Arrow Boutique are some of my favorites.


One of Katie's serious vices is putting on a hair mask, lighting candles, and soaking in a bubble bath. It seriously sounds so cliche but it is the most rejuvenating thing in the entire world. Time for just me, to put some love into my appearance (for me, not for anyone else!), smell wonderful, and relax from a day of staring at you beauties. Wildroots has the most delectable candles and bath bombs and can be found at Flora North.


Hucklebeary is one of our favorites and it's right here in Duluth! We have personally been to the Hand Lettering Class and the iPhoneography workshop. This past weekend, they had tassel making! Their space is great, welcoming, and they have so much fun stuff for you to ogle and decorate your own space with. Check out their calendar for upcoming events and workshops!


I (Katie) suffer from clinical anxiety and depression and one thing that helps keep my mental health in check is meditation. Sitting in a room and breathing may sound silly but it has done serious wonders for me. I feel more stable in my day to day life, it allows me to focus on one thing at a time, and it also puts everything into perspective for me. Finding the right app to guide me took some time, but now I would be lost without it. I use Calm but any of these will do the trick! The shortest exercise is 3 minutes, quick enough to pop away from your desk if you're feeling overwhelmed, breathe, and come back!


Shopping for yourself can be difficult, time consuming, and not as fun as others make it out to be. Some people live for it! But it may not be for you and that's totally cool. Invest in StitchFix. A personal shopper selects items for you that get mailed right to your door for only $20. Try on your items, keep what you like, check out online, or return everything for free in the envelope provided!


The ultimate treat yo self! Here at Mad Chicken we are pretty big fans of Duluth Coffee Company. The peeps there are amazing (special shout out to Emily's husband Charlie), the coffee is amazing, their space is amazing, you're amazing! It just makes sense that all that amazingness hang out together!! BUT if coffee isn't your thing, head on over to The Snooty Fox and have some of the most delicious bubble tea to have graced our planet! Seriously, go. It's heaven.


Realign your body and mind and kick this Mars Retrograde residue to the curb! Jes highly recommends Adam at Duluth Chiropractic Clinic. Decompress and crack back at it! (lol, puns)

11. THROW ON SOME HEADPHONES AND TAKE A HIKE (or walk, jog, bike, whatevs).

Get lost in the audio book, podcast, or music you are listening to and let your feet take you away. The movement will help keep your body healthy and whatever is playing in your ears will keep you from thinking about other things you "should be doing". No, what you should be doing is taking care of yourself. 


Being that Emily is our resident hair and make up guru, it only makes sense that one of her vices is BirchBox. It's a $10 a month subscription for five samples of all things makeup, hair, skincare, and fragrance. It's an easy way to treat yourself and get a little something, something in the mail - a win, win really!


Emily did her first art show last fall which has always been on her bucket list. She ran across it at a craft fair, went home, and now it's her jam! What I'm trying to say: Emily is amazeboobies, her art is incredible, and working with your hands can take away so much anxiety! Creating something beautiful takes your mind off all your stress and puts your energy into something productive that transforms before your eyes - something we don't get in our normal day to day activities.

14. YOGA.

Something we have been talking about doing is joining Jess Rossing for her yoga classes. Haven't yet, but we are going to start! She has everything from one on one training to group fitness classes. Get your mind, body, and soul centered and find more peace in your life.


Something didn't go well at work, your significant other said something dumb, someone cut you off in traffic and it's stressing you out. Give someone a call, have a good old fashioned vent session. Holding those feelings and thoughts in weighs you down - release that negative energy. Talk it out with someone you love and trust. Better yet? Schedule a date with them! You miss them and I'm sure they miss you too (because who wouldn't?!) why not get together and hash out all those thoughts and feelings over apps and drinks!