5 Facts About Jes, Emily, and Katie

The three of us are pretty open with you all, so what else could we tell you that you don’t already know about us? Well buckle up, Buttercup, because you’re in for a treat!

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio; Mad Chicken Studio Team

5 Facts About Jes

  • I am unapologetically messy in my personal spaces.  My desk, my car, my house.... all messy.  When it comes to the studio, however, I am constantly stressed about everything being in its place.

  • I am extremely sensitive to caffeine.  I cannot have coffee a minute after 12:00pm, or I will not sleep that night.

  • I went to school for business and taught myself photography.  I learned on film... because that was basically the only option when I learned.  I still have the book that I used to teach myself.

  • I love a good conspiracy theory: Hitler lived? Marilyn Monroe and Kurt Cobain were murdered?  I want to know all possibilities.

  • I suffer from misophonia. It means a hatred of sound.  I struggle with repetitive sounds.  A lot of music bothers me, along with crinkly paper, and the ever popular mouth sounds.  It leaves me unable to focus.

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio - Boudoir Shower

5 Facts About Emily

  • I LOVE to felt.. needle felt to be more exact, it is one of weirdest hobbies I've picked up over the years but I love it and I am actually pretty good at it. I make little figurines to use in mobiles or to put on your shelf, because its small and cute and why not. I also make wool paintings, and essentially that is a perfect way to describe what I do, paint with wool. I had my first ever art show last spring at Duluth Coffee Company and sold every single piece which was a complete shock and also pretty fantastic. I am doing another one this November and December and cant wait for all the pretties to find new homes. 

  • I love the winter! Especially snow.. I am kind of like Lorelai Gilmore and I can smell and feel the first snow before it happens. Snow is honestly pure magic to me... It blankets the world and creates this silence and softness that makes everything melt away and all that's left is fluffy white MAGIC. 

  • I LOVE..LOVE.. I am a hopeless romantic. I love listening to songs about love and watching movies about epic love stories.. I love reading about love.. like I said I love love.. I feel all the feels when it comes to it I am a serious sap and totally ok with it.

  • I am super duper thrifty. I am a goodwill, second hand wizard. I can sift through and find the most glorious pieces ever for close to nothing! It is a talent and I pride myself on finding all the goodies!!!!!!!! Want an example? Sure you do.. well FRYE boots people... FRYE boots at savers for 9.99.. YUPP..mic drop...

  • I have this weird ability to sense things before they happen.. I know this sounds a little crazy but I feel like maybe my intuition is supercharged or I just have all these crazy coincidences happen where I know what the person is going to say before they say it or I see someone I know and have a thought about them and then see them to days later and they tell me something I I already thought about or said internally. It is sort of hard to explain but man oh man i've been this way forever and it is the craziest/coolest/scariest feeling ever! I will just go ahead and say i'm a wizard, because why not.

    • (Bonus Fact: Emily thinks she’s lame… I think it’s safe to say we don’t think so lol)

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio - Boudoir Shower Set Up

5 Facts About Katie

  • I love to knit! But don’t ask me to make you anything but a scarf. Hats? Nope, but how about a nice scarf? Socks? Negative, but have I told you about how great my scarves are? Mittens? I’ll make you a scarf small enough to wrap around your hands? Oh! You want a scarf? Abso-freaking-lutely!

  • I am OBSESSED with Harry Potter. Anything and everything Harry Potter. I own multiple copies of all the books, have legit robes and wand, a tattoo, an absurd amount of HP paraphernalia laying about my house. Bonus fact: I hated the movies but still own them all.

  • I cry at everything. I wish I was kidding, I once cried at a Kleenex commercial. I cried when a bird flew into my windshield and died (I buried it even though I am terrified of birds). I cried when my dog Berkley cuddled my other dog Brooklyn for the first time. I cried at how beautiful a session outfit was. Super effing emotional, y’all. Emo for life.

  • I only started drinking coffee because the people at my other job wouldn’t let me know when we were running low and I was the one who ordered it. So I became a slight addict to make sure all the other coffee addicts got their fix.

  • I speak almost exclusively in movie quotes and song lyrics. I love to escape into the world of movies and can watch one only once and if I loved it, have most of the dialogue memorized. Music is kind of the same thing. My whole family is that way! One of Emily’s personal favorites is when I yell “LIAAAARRRR” like Miracle Max’s wife in The Princess Bride.

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio -- Boudoir Shower Set Up

What do you think, peeps - learn anything new? Let us know! We hope you’re having a great day :)