5 Facts About Our Sessions

Duluth Boudoir by Mad Chicken Studio -- #duluthboudoirphotography

For the most part, we are pretty open about what a session with us entails. You come in at 10:00, you get to try on ALL the outfits in your very own personal closet (picked specifically for you by the information you gave us in your questionnaire), from there you move into Hair and Make Up with the Fabulous Emily, while the Wondrous Jes styles the outfits you chose. After Hair and Make Up - the shoot begins!! Jes talks and walks you through the whole thing! For two hours, girl, it is all about YOU! Looking and feeling like the Queen you are, posing like a natural while Katie totally creeps on you. After the session wraps and your back in your street clothes, we take a Polaroid with you and you, you damn fine thing, go up on our Wall of Fame.

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio -- #duluthboudoirphotography

So what else is there to know? Well, let me tell you, I’m glad you asked!!

1. Jes poses you 100%. She actually positions herself first so you can physically see the pose before hopping into yourself. She will adjust your hands, your feet, tell you what to do with your face (chin up, lashes down, breathe through your mouth), mess with your hair, tuck portions of your outfit if need be. It’s all taken care of. If posing has been stressing you out (or it’s one of the things holding you back from changing), don’t let it be, we’ve got you taken care of!

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio - #duluthboudoirphotography

2. Jes styles ALL of the outfits, literally from head to toe. Whether it’s a bridal look and you need a veil to matching the perfect necklace or body chain to your damn shoes! Each outfit you wear is unique to you and no one else has worn it quite that way before. You are a beautiful and unique creature and it only makes sense that your outfits embody that too! Slay, girl!!

  • a thing to note: the heels are crazy high, but you DO NOT need to walk in them! You can put them on after you’ve gotten to your posing destination, no need to hobble and risk breaking an ankle. Trust me, we all look like baby giraffe’s walking in them when in reality we could walk all cute and barefooted and then pop those suckers on

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio - #duluthboudoirphotography

3. You are going to go through a serious work out. You are going to be pushing your body’s limits. Whether you work out and do yoga every day or your workout is walking for a snack (anyone else? Just me?) you will be sore. Practice cat-cow yoga pose, drink all the water, stretch, and be prepared to feel like you worked your butt off at the gym. You kind of did, but you got some damn good photos in the process ;)

  • Jes explains at the beginning of the session that there is a difference between feeling like you are going through an intense workout and pain. Pain isn’t good. If it hurts, stop! Jes can always adjust poses so they are more comfortable for you. We got you, boo!

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio - #duluthboudoirphotography

4. Do not be afraid to ask for a break! Potty break, snack break, water break, pose break - seriously, whatever you need. We want you to be as comfortable as possible. If you’re shaking while holding a pose and you feel like you’re going to break, TELL US!

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio - #duluthboudoirphotography

5. It will be the start (or continuation) of your self love journey. You deserve to see yourself how others do. You are seriously stunning! Your body has been with your through it all, it’s the only thing that has. Embrace it, honor it, give it the same love you give others. You are real, you are enough, you are powerful and it’s about damn time you see yourself that way because we sure as hell do.

  • Please also note, there is not any room for negativity in our studio. We won’t let you pick yourself apart, we won’t let you talk badly about yourself or the like; if you do, we will stop mid-session and have a discussion about it.

Duluth Boudoir Photography by Mad Chicken Studio - #duluthboudoirphotography

Hopefully you gleaned some fun tidbits about our sessions if you haven’t experienced one for yourself (yet….). If you have experienced one and you feel like we left something out, let us know in the comments!! We obviously want you to have the best time while you are here with us and we can’t wait to get you in here!!