"Each person has different life experience and sometimes a girl just needs to love her body!" | Duluth Boudoir interview with Alli

Duluth Boudoir Photography

How old were you at your session?24

What made you decide to book a session?
I originally wanted to do this session for a wedding gift, but shorty after the session started I knew that this was more for me than him. I was very nervous at first just like any normal human.

What was originally holding you back from booking a session?
I think that I was nervous about how other people would view me. I have always been judged on everything.... you know dance. I felt like I would love them and it would be a waste, and boy was I wrong!!

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What were you most nervous about for your session?
I think the part about not knowing what I was going to wear and how to pose. Thank lord for you guys with that department!

How did you feel about yourself before your session?
I was very nervous, I'm not normally a "sexy" person. I have always dress a little on the modest side of things.

Duluth Boudoir Photography

Describe your experience.
OMG (oh my gato) - oh my cat in Spanish! I was amazed on how everything came together. From hair and make up to the outfits I was blown away on the whole experience. I have never felt better about myself. I didn't know it at the time but I 100% needed that. All I can say is thank you for everything. It's not about the make up or amazing outfits but about your experience and way mine nothing short of perfection. I felt like I got my confidence back. Each person has different life experience and sometimes a girl just needs to love her body! I can't get over this experience and hope to do it again,

Duluth Boudoir

How did you feel about yourself after your session?
Like a goddess!

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Were you nervous before your viewing session?No just excited!

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How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos?
I'm shocked I didn't think it was possible to not smile in photos. I've never liked my profile of my face but that changed very quickly! I want to show everyone who walks by me. I feel proud, like I finished a marathon...yeah right!

What were your favorite products?All, I really love the big 30 print book!

Duluth Boudoir Photography

What would you tell anyone interested, but maybe hesitant, in book a session of their own?
That to do something daring. Go for it, what do you have to lose? Nothing that's right because you're going to have the best time of your life!

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How was working with Jes and Emily?
I love you both, you know how to make this experience wonderful!

Will you be doing another session?Of course

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Anything else you want to add?
I love you both and can't wait to some back! This waS the absolute best day ever!