An important detail almost forgotten

Is anyone else like me when they see those nail art videos, when scrolling though your Facebook feed?  I can't look away, I have to find out how they look.  And even though I know that I would never be able to pull this off, on my own, for a nanosecond, I wonder if I can.  I'm sure that if I were to ever attempt it, it would be a Pinterest fail of epic proportions.  So I quickly wise up, and realize that something like this is better left to a professional. 

So let's chat nail appointments for a minute here.  Boudoir sessions, are one of the few times, that I think your nails matter.  I have spend the last several years trying to talk down someone at a wedding {usually it is the mother of the bride}, because so-and-so forgot to get her nails done.  The reality is that, nails do not matter on a wedding day, or for your family session, because they aren't the focus of the shoot.  I never had my nails done for my wedding, and you would never know if looking at the photos.

Weird right?  Well, here's the thing.... and why this blog has come to exist.  Nails could matter in boudoir photography.  Is it the most important thing?  Of course not!  But there is a good chance that your nails could be photographed in all of their glory, which is why I recommend at least having a basic manicure for your session. 

So bust out those crazy tutorials and do your nails!.... I'm kidding, of course, and as per usual I have some recommendations when it comes to choosing what you want your nails to look like for your session.  I tend to prefer more neutral tones for nail polish.  While, nails are an important detail to think about, you don't want them to be a distraction, or main focus of those photos.  I have had girls come in with a bold colored nail, and wish they would have gone neutral, once they see their images.

Now there is an exception to every rule, and if you are known for having a bold color nail, you definitely do not want to be someone else in your images.  So if you are comfortable rocking a bold color, go for it.  But if not, neutral is definitely best.  Now with that, I highly recommend avoiding super crazy treatments on your nails, at all cost.

Another thing to remember, is that if you are running low on time before your session, and cannot get in for a nail appointment prior to your session, and think you can push your manicure a couple of extra days.... don't.  It is impossible to edit chipped nail polish, and we don't do it.  So if this is the case for you, remove the polish and rock a bare nail.

I hope this helps ease your mind about your session, and gives you some options!