being sick as a business owner...

I'm not here to complain in this blog post... well not too much anyways.  You know when couples say that when the woman is sick, they are still like Wonder Woman; and when the man is sick, they are total babies?  Well let me confirm, that is the complete opposite with my husband and myself.  Andy doesn't let anything slow him down... and me?  Well, I am on my deathbed when I have the sniffles.  Ok, I'm being a little dramatic.... but you get my point.

This did shift a little when I decided to start my own photography studio, especially in the early days.  Deadlines happened regardless of how I was feeling, so I had no choice but to suck it up and get stuff done.  Even with my Studio Manager, Emily.  There is a lot that she can do to fill in for me, but there are some things that only I can do.... and those deadlines are still there.  If I miss a day at the studio, it can take up to a month to get things back to the 100% well oiled machine that we have created.

With all of this, I have also learned that if I try to power through a cold too much, that it lasts a million times longer.  If I can just keep my butt in bed for even one day, things tend to subside a little sooner.  I know the mommas out there can relate to a degree.  Think of my business as a small child.  Think of poopy diapers as tax stuff, and the sweet snuggles as all of my clients.... and everything in between ;).

So why am I telling you all of this?  Well, it has been on my mind, since I was sick earlier this week, and was forced to take a day off... and now I am staring at an obnoxiously long to-do list... including blogging.  The caffeine is flowing heavily at my little photography studio, along with a few late nights to catch up.  The struggle is real this week.... but at least I have my beautiful clients to look at.  I know there is some nastiness floating around in the cold department... just know that you are not alone, I send you virtual high fives.  You will be back at Wonder Woman status in no time.

duluth boudoir photography at mad chicken studio | natural light back arch bodysuit