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origin of inspiration: her soul, her hair, eyes, and smile

I have so much love for Cassie.  It is really hard for photographers to photograph people that they know really well.  Our expectations are sky high to begin with, but when we are photographing people we see often, those expectations are even higher.  I mean, what if we mess up... our friendship will be over.... and we would have to move to a different state to escape the humiliation!  Ok, maybe that is a little dramatic, but that is what is going on in our heads.

When my very best friend wanted to drive her little booty all the way up to Duluth for a boudoir session, I was so happy that I get to see my main gal pal, but then the panic set in....  BUT we had so much fun at her session, and I captured her true smile that the rest of the world is lucky enough to see on a regular basis :)

I love you SO MUCH Cassie!  I'll text you later... as per usual ;)

All of her outfits provided by our boudoir closet ;)