Session Types and Add Ons

Session Types and Add Ons

We offer all types of boudoir sessions and are featuring some pretty sweet add-ons! Take a peek!

Payment Plans and What You Need to Know

Payment Plans and What You Need to Know

Payment Plans are Available!!

5 Facts About Our Sessions

5 Facts About Our Sessions

Our sessions have little hidden gems of goodness. Check out five that we could think of that you should probably know!

10 Benefits of Drinking Water

10 Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking your ideal amount of water is crucial to keeping you healthy! Here are 10 benefits to staying hydrated.

What I learned from my second boudoir shoot

I talk the talk, so it is important for me to walk the walk.  I just had my second boudoir session, and I do them for two reasons:

1. Our bodies make a lot of changes over the year.
2. I like to test drive our experience to see if we need to make any improvements.

Over the last year, I experienced a pregnancy, birth, and the hormonal changes that a postpartum body presents.  I went from a size 10 to a 16.  My body is rounder and softer.  The first thing I will say, is that I love my photos from my second shoot more than my first.  I will also say that even though we give one hell of an experience to our clients, I did see where some improvements can be made.  Here is what I learned.

1. Hydration. I talk about the importance of drinking water before your session BUT when you arrive, we do not have any to offer.  Of course I want to step it up, and not just have regular bottles of water, so naturally it is going to take some research.

2. Breakfast.  The morning of my shoot, I was running around busy getting stuff together, trying to get my daughter off to Grandma and Grandpa's for the day, and trying to get to the studio in time for my session to start.  I completely forgot to feed myself.  This is a really bad idea guys.  Your muscles will completely give out on you, if you haven't had the proper nourishment.  I am looking at options for something to eat while Emily is starting on your hair.  I am trying to ensure that she is able to do what she needs to do without interruption.

3. The chairs.  No, I'm not talking about the prop chairs during the session.  I am talking about the chairs that are used for hair and makeup... ouch!  I'm a whiner sometimes, so I did complain a lot.  We recently added a much comfier hair and makeup chair to the studio to keep me from future whining.

4. Decisions.  After the outfits are chosen, after hair and makeup is done, it is time for photos, right?  So typically I will tell girls to start with the outfit they are most comfortable in.  For my session, I honestly did not know where to start.  I wanted someone to tell me.  I am going to work on this for future sessions.

As a side note... you guys... my posing has changed significantly from last year.  They are no joke!  They are much more intense.  I always tell everyone to stretch before bed, but it is hard work.  Shout out, kudos, and all of the hoorays for you guys for not complaining once... see my note above... I totally complained.  I love you all! 

I hope everyone is prepared for our experience to get even better than before... if that is even possible :).

Subconscious life mottos

For those of you who do not know, I grew up in a military family.  My dad joined the Air Force when I was two years old.  At the time, I don't think that he knew that it would be a career for him.  But it did.  My dad was, and still is, a very hard working man... and a very smart man.  I always joke that he is the type of person who can read a pamphlet and become an expert of something.

This month, my dad was promoted to CMSgt {Chief Master Sergeant}, complete with a promotion ceremony.  I didn't realize at the time, just how big of a deal this was.  I learned that only 1% of the military hold this rank.  I thought my dad was awesome before, but can we talk about that last sentence?

I am a perfectionist, and it is no secret, in my family, that I got this personality trait from my dad.  During his speech, at his ceremony, he said something that I haven't heard in years.  It was something that I heard so often growing up, that I rolled my eyes every time he said it to me.  I didn't realize the impact that it would have on the rest of my life.

My dad was always lecturing me, by saying "You need to leave things better than you found it."  He mostly said it when he was trying to clean my room, and to this day, I am a messy person {dang that right brain of mine}.  I almost started laughing when he was discussing this, because it made so much sense to me on a personal level.

I had forgotten about his motto, until his speech.  However, it never left me.  If you have ever heard me speak about my business... the motto is the pillar of everything my studio stands for.  I have always said things like "I want every wedding I shoot to be better than the last", "I want my business today to be better than my business yesterday", and specifically with boudoir "I want the women who set foot in our studio, to leave feeling better about themselves."

I think that is the reason why I am always researching ways to improve our experience, or my technique, or anything and everything.  I always want to be getting better.  I have my dad to thank for that.

I didn't feel that this post would be proper to include an image of one of our amazing clients.  I tried to be as fully present as I possibly could at the ceremony, but after I grabbed this quick photo of this card on my dad's desk.  A card with his new rank, a card that someone more than likely expressed how proud they are of him.  This card is a simple statement of all of the hard work that he put in, over the years, of every time he left something better than he found it.  No one will ever be as proud of my dad, as I am.  Even though I rolled my eyes every time you uttered the words "leave it better than you found it", I am really glad that it stuck with me.  Thank you dad for giving me the key to success.

*Please pardon the quality of this image... I snapped it quick on my phone


Five Reason our Ladies' Nights are "Da Bomb!"

We can kick it 90's style by saying "da bomb", right?  I thought so...

So here is the deal.  We have two ladies' nights per year, and we pour our heart and soul into them, so that we create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for all who attend.  They are pretty intimate events, and they are a lot of fun!  So let's talk specifics, we put together this list of five of our favorite things about our Ladies' Night, that should get you to wonder why you never attended one before!

Here we go!

5. Lingerie: This is the perfect opportunity to see what we have in our closet RIGHT NOW!!!  We change out lingerie from year to year, so we always have something different.  See what we have in your size.  With over 200 pieces that we have in the closet, we are confident that you can find several pieces that you will love!

4. No Boys Allowed: Giiiiiiirl, we got you.  I know that the topic of boudoir can be scary as heck!  We don't need boys in here mucking everything up!  We have created a super supporting environment of just women.  It is a safe place to talk about excitement for your session, fears, and share {or not share} with a bunch of awesome ladies.

3: Clients:  While it is not guaranteed, it is a pretty safe bet that some of our past clients are at the party.  The thing is that once you become a client, you are a friend for life, and friends hang out together!  Our clients even become friends with each other!  This is an awesome opportunity to ask them questions about their session.  They are able to give a super unique perspective!

2. Ask Us a Question:  I get it, sometimes communicating about sensitive topics can be difficult over email, and maybe you don't want to publicly as in the VIP Group.... and phone calls?  Who even talks on the phone anymore?!!!!!  Talk to BOTH Emily and I IN PERSON!!!  We can walk you through everything, show you lingerie we think would look amazing on you, and hug it out!

1. Prizes!!!!!:  I mean... duh!!!  It is no secret that I LOVE giving way more than receiving, so of course we are going to have prizes!  Makeup, Kate Spade Purses, gift certificates galore... all for you to take home :).  Door prizes are eligible for everyone who attends, and if you take the leap that night and schedule a session, you might even win some BIG prizes!  We go all out.

We didn't even go over the photo booth, or food, or drinks, or who knows what I am missing!  We would just love it for you to visit our little Duluth studio up in Woodland.

Interested in attending one of our Ladies' Nights?  Join our Facebook VIP Group for more details!

Duluth Boudoir Photography Ladies' Night in Minnesota

The thing about comfort zones...

"Great things never came from comfort zones"

Could you imagine if we were comfortable all the time?  Sure, it would be lovely, but life would lose its fire.  There wouldn't be that rush, right before you skydive... because no one would skydive.  I mean, what if we never got butterflies in our stomach before a first date, because no one would ever go on a first date.  Life would be sad and boring, but would we even know any better?

The fact is, we can't go through life in sweatpants ALL of the time, even though that would be rather delightful.  Life needs some excitement... something to push us forward and make us want to be better.  What if we never had goals?  What if we were never afraid to do something?  What if we never had to speak publicly?  Would we even have a voice?

Make goals...
Try something new...
Improve yourself...
Let your beauty shine...

Skydiving optional.

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