Want to Book a Session but Don't Want to Wear Lingerie? We Got You Covered!

Is wearing lingerie (or nothing at all!) out of your comfort zone? Is it something holding you back from booking a shoot? Have no fear, for it is possible to wear more during a boudoir session and look fierce!

Boudoir Outfit Dress and Garters

Going personal for a moment, and maybe a little TMI, my husband bought me a pair of cut off overalls because he loves how they show off dat booty. Well he’s right, they do! I thought it was something different and unique I could bring to my shoot and lucky for me, Jes and Emily LOVED them! The photos are a bit out of the box when most people think about boudoir outfits. Most people think scantily clad or completely nude – which are all good things- but if that’s not what you’re feeling, take a look at the photos below.

Bourdoir Outfit Inspiration - Shorts

Wearing a dress, a sweater, leather leggings and so much more are all seriously good options! It just proves you don’t have to bare all to look sexy (but let’s be real, we love it all). You can be covered and still rock out a feisty shoot. It’s all a matter of confidence. When you feel sexy, you LOOK sexy. Whether that’s in nothing at all, a bodysuit, a swimsuit, or a sweater and leggings, Jes has your back. Hell, show up in a potato sack and you’ll be glad for it because Jes works some serious magic, and you do too!

Boudoir Outfit Inspiration Leggings and Jacket
Boudoir Skirt
Boudoir Sweater Outfit - Boudoir Outfit
boudoir outfit - robe - Catherine Delish Robe
Boudoir Outfit - Cover Up
Boudoir Sweater
Boudoir Dress
Velour Jacket Outfit
Cardigan and Bralette Outfit
Bodysuit and Robe Boudoir Outfit
Swimsuit Boudoir Outfit
Cover Up Robe

We do have some clothing items that do not photograph well and therefore do not recommend such as men's shirts, jerseys, corsets, etc. When in doubt, have faith in the power of our closet!