"I always say take me the way I am or leave me. " | Duluth Boudoir Interview with Erica


How Old Were You At Your Session? 30 going on 31 in just a short couple days.


What made you decide to book a session? The boudie call!!! I had been saving money for awhile and knew I wanted to do a session, but I was waiting for closer to my wedding day. Then the boudie call came up and it seemed like the perfect time! I have always admired the quality and care Jes, Emily, and Katie take with every session and knew I needed to become one of the amazing girls that do a session with them!


What was originally holding you back from booking a session? Being a beautiful, but bigger girl. It's hard to to show off your body when society tells you that being overweight is wrong, but a change is brewing and I want to be a part of that change!


What were you most nervous about for your session? It's weird I can't pinpoint it. I had butterflies and was nervous but I don't know exactly what for. I think partly worried I was bigger again and how the posing would work with a girl my size.That was only briefly though because I had such confidence in Jes having watched so many live videos and seen the finished products! I had never once seen pictures and been like oh no they failed there! Every single end result I've seen I have been taken away by the gloriuosness and beauty of every client! Mainly, I honestly was just really excited! I love getting dolled up and looking fine as hell!


How did you feel about yourself before your session? I have always been pretty confident despite my size. I see it as part of me and my beauty. I always say take me the way I am or leave me. I don't need negativity in my life. My fiance has been a big help in making me feel this way and get over most of my insecurities about being overweight. He constantly tells me how beautiful and sexy I am and not only that he makes me feel that way everyday! I still would like to lose some weight as of right now I am having a little bit of some health issues and think losing a little weight would help with that. But mark my words I am not doing it because of the way I look just to be healthier!


Describe your experience. I arrived so excited and left with my head in the clouds! Almost felt like I shouldn't be driving because I was drunk on my own amazing self! (If that makes sense at all!) The only intimidating part for me was meeting the three glorious women I have watched and admired on the book of face as Katie says! For me it was like meeting 3 celebrities! These 3 women quickly became just like those friends you don't talk to all the time but when you do meet up or talk you pick up right where you left off. It was like we were best friends who just hadn't been in contact in awhile and all my nerves and hesitation left my body and I relaxed into the session immediately! From there I was free falling all the way and loving every minute of it. I left on such a high, I have contemplated quitting my job and becoming a full time model many times!!! It is the best way to feel like a badass, sexy, powerful, invincible, indestructable, can do anything MOTHER FUCKER!!!! Excuse my language but for real my confidence is still riding high. I don't ever want to come down!


How did you feel about yourself after your session? I feel like I can now accomplish absolutely anything I set my mind to. I stand a little taller, I'm a little more sassy if that's possible haha. I feel like people should bow down to how freaking sexy I am because I'm one badass queen! It's the best confidence boost anyone could ask for! The biggest part that made me feel this way was all the love and support from the facebook group on my live video and post session selfies!!! I could have never imagined I would get so many words of encouragement! It seriously made me blush and feel so amazing!! If you have any doubts about going live, don't! Just do it!! You won't regret it!


Were you nervous before your viewing session? No!!!!!!!! I was counting down the days! The 2 weeks I had to wait in anticipation was killing me!


How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos? I was speechless! I made so many noises and oooo and ahhhs you would of thought I was watching a firework show! I rode the high I was on even higher! I'm like in another galaxy now! I am blown away! I want to show everyone how fucking hot and sexy I am!


What were your favorite products? The video album interested me before my viewing session but then seeing it in person I had to have it! The music and how you just open it and it starts to play in the palm of your hands is magnificent! I also loved the luxe album and had to have it! It just screams luxorious and it is so fancy! All the products are so high quality and absolutely beautiful though you can tell the time and care was taken in picking out these products by Jes, Emily and Katie.


What would you tell anyone interest, but maybe hesitant, in booking a session of their own? Ummmm... why have you waited so long you glorious woman? Treat yourself, get pampered, show your amazing self off, and enjoy the high! You will have no regrets!!!


How was working with Jes, Emily, and Katie? There are not enough words to describe how amazing Jes, Emily, and Katie are! I have already said many words to their praise already but here are some more. They are so welcoming, uplifting, calming, fun, hilarious, beautiful, glamorous, talented, lovely creepers (in the best way), delightful, friendly, and so much more!!! They truly invest you in you and care! The final product is proof of all of this!


Will you be doing another session? There is a very good chance!!! I love the outdoors and would love to add some sexy pics of me outside to my collection!!


Anything else you want to add? Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and picking me for one of your boudie call models! Also thank you for amazing experience that I will never forget! I hope as your model I made all your boudie call dreams come true!