Duluth Boudoir Photography Snow Queen

At the beginning of the year we had some time to play. We were catching up from the end of 2018 and decided to start 2019 off with a bang. We had just had a snow storm (shocking…) and on Jes’ drive in, she passed a road that was lined with super tall pine trees that were covered in snow and ice, so much so that the branches were weighted down. In the right light, it looked black and white and completely effing magical.

Jes told me to get naked (our common phrase, ha), she picked out some bright colored pieces and we decided on the purple velvet because BOOBS! We bouj’d me up with all the jewels, fur, and snow boots and off we went.

What was supposed to be a desolate road was actually a busy street in Esko. Just about every three minutes we had to move out of the road for a car . Did I mention we were right in between two houses? Those trees I’m standing directly in front of? I was looking right into a picture window of a family’s home… fingers crossed they didn’t see my titty when it popped out!!

katie snow blog 2.jpg

It was a crazy adventure but it shows how magical photos can turn out even in the craziest, funniest situations.

katie snow blog 22.jpg