Five Reason our Ladies' Nights are "Da Bomb!"

We can kick it 90's style by saying "da bomb", right?  I thought so...

So here is the deal.  We have two ladies' nights per year, and we pour our heart and soul into them, so that we create a fun, relaxed atmosphere for all who attend.  They are pretty intimate events, and they are a lot of fun!  So let's talk specifics, we put together this list of five of our favorite things about our Ladies' Night, that should get you to wonder why you never attended one before!

Here we go!

5. Lingerie: This is the perfect opportunity to see what we have in our closet RIGHT NOW!!!  We change out lingerie from year to year, so we always have something different.  See what we have in your size.  With over 200 pieces that we have in the closet, we are confident that you can find several pieces that you will love!

4. No Boys Allowed: Giiiiiiirl, we got you.  I know that the topic of boudoir can be scary as heck!  We don't need boys in here mucking everything up!  We have created a super supporting environment of just women.  It is a safe place to talk about excitement for your session, fears, and share {or not share} with a bunch of awesome ladies.

3: Clients:  While it is not guaranteed, it is a pretty safe bet that some of our past clients are at the party.  The thing is that once you become a client, you are a friend for life, and friends hang out together!  Our clients even become friends with each other!  This is an awesome opportunity to ask them questions about their session.  They are able to give a super unique perspective!

2. Ask Us a Question:  I get it, sometimes communicating about sensitive topics can be difficult over email, and maybe you don't want to publicly as in the VIP Group.... and phone calls?  Who even talks on the phone anymore?!!!!!  Talk to BOTH Emily and I IN PERSON!!!  We can walk you through everything, show you lingerie we think would look amazing on you, and hug it out!

1. Prizes!!!!!:  I mean... duh!!!  It is no secret that I LOVE giving way more than receiving, so of course we are going to have prizes!  Makeup, Kate Spade Purses, gift certificates galore... all for you to take home :).  Door prizes are eligible for everyone who attends, and if you take the leap that night and schedule a session, you might even win some BIG prizes!  We go all out.

We didn't even go over the photo booth, or food, or drinks, or who knows what I am missing!  We would just love it for you to visit our little Duluth studio up in Woodland.

Interested in attending one of our Ladies' Nights?  Join our Facebook VIP Group for more details!

Duluth Boudoir Photography Ladies' Night in Minnesota