Grace's first boudoir session

curvy marilyn monroe inspired boudoir session at mad chicken studio in duluth, mn

A little bit of a different situation with Grace.  Photographers have these secret lists in their head of stuff that they want to photograph.  It is the items on these lists that keeps us alive.  I have had an idea that I wanted to do a Marilyn Monroe inspired boudoir shoot bouncing around in my head for over two years!  I didn’t take that long to put the shoot together, but I knew that I could not do the shoot with just anyone… the model needed to be perfect.  This is what I describe as fate:

I never go to the movie theater… I hate going to movies.  I know, I’m weird.  But, I am an introvert, and I am a firm believer that movies are meant to be watched from the comfort of my bed, in my pajamas, with my dogs, cats, and husband next to me, with a beer in hand…. sounds lovely, right?  It is.

However, I had this weird desire to go to the movies with Andy.  I call him and ask if he wants to go, and once he confirmed that it was his wife asking and he came to terms with his confusion, we were off to meet at the theater.  This particular local theater, had a bar in it, AND you can bring your beverage into the theater so this was probably going to be as close to home as I could get {side note: can someone build a theater where you can bring your dogs and hang out on big comfy couches… and serves beer… and has a strict pajama dress code?… They could have all of my money}

So we go into the bar, and Grace was the server that night.  We get our beer, watched one of the worst movies both of us had ever seen, and I promptly march my butt back into the bar, because Grace has the most amazing facial structure and she was perfect for the shoot I had been dreaming about over the last two years.

I totally get all creepy with the opening line “I hope this doesn’t come across as creepy…..but”  THANKFULLY, she was excited and we had the most AMAZING photo shoot at the studio.  I am in love with the images and in my next life, I want to look exactly like Grace

Grace, thank you so much for not thinking I was a total creep, for being hilarious, having the best taste in music, and for completely ROCKING this vision I’ve had for what seems like forever!