Grace's second boudoir session

Boudoir session for Grace at duluth photography studio mad chicken studio

origin of inspiration: lips, hair, sense of humor
I think that it is safe to say that Grace is both mine and Emily's girl crush!  I met Grace almost a year ago, and this is the second time that she has been in our Duluth studio for a boudoir session.
Grace is the epitome of confidence, gorgeousness, and humor.  We all laugh a ton when we are around each other!  Plus she has impeccable taste when it comes to lingerie!  And paired up with the hair and makeup that Emily did, uhhhhhh, I'm DYING!  I loved her boudoir photos so much that I absolutely had to order a sample album from her session.
When Grace came in to see her images for the first time, we planned out what we would do if we won the lottery... and let me tell you, it would be pretty awesome #lifegoals ;)
Grace chose the flowing white robe, high wasted panites, lacy shapewear bodysuit, and our Sisterhood of the Traveling Bodysuit {because it literally looks good on everyone who puts it on} from our boudoir closet.