I felt beautiful. I looked strong yet feminine. Most of all I looked sexy AF! || Duluth Boudoir Interview with Amity


How Old Were You At Your Session? 41


What made you decide to book a session? On Facebook I kept seeing women of all shapes and sizes, beautifully portrayed in a very sexy, real way. I knew this is was something I wanted to be a part of. When else do we get the chance to get our makeup done, wear naughty clothing and have some kick ass lady's take our picture in the best light possible? This was a chance to release my inner vixen and show a side to the world that no one else gets to see. The softer, sexier side of me. I also wanted to leave a legacy for my kids and grand kids. When I pass away they can say, "wow! This was my grandma!"


What was originally holding you back from booking a session? When I saw there were only a few spots available in 2018 I hesitated. I wasn't sure what my husband was going to think. But after I showed him a couple photos and he saw how excited I was, he said "just do it". I must mention that I have the most supportive husband in the world.


What were you most nervous about for your session? I think I was most nervous about how my body looked. I know that may sound stupid but I had just finished competing in a fitness competition 3 weeks before. I didn't want to come across as being too muscular yet I still wanted to look fit. I knew I needed to put on weight but not too much. I wanted to fit the mold of "Boudoir".


How did you feel about yourself before your session? I was nervous before the session. I had been through a lot of body changes the last 3 months. My mind was beat down. I wondered how I would look. Would I be happy with the pictures? Did I look how I wanted? I know these are all stupid things to think, but when you put on over 10 lbs in 2 weeks it's messes with your head. You need to adjust to the way your body is supposed to look.


Describe your experience. When I got to the studio I was really excited to see the girls. (Yes, they are just as adorable in person) Right off the bat they got the ball rolling. Very professional. They pulled some great outfits and worked with my taste and body type. Once I got my stellar makeup and hair done we went straight to shooting. The lighting was perfect! Jess is absolutely amazing with the camera. Some of the shots she got of me even make MY jaw drop! She made me feel so comfortable. I really loved how we worked together on different poses to create a couple new looks. When my time was up I couldn't believe it.. My reign as "queen" was over and I would have to go back to the real world. But I will have some kick ass photos for all the world to see!


How did you feel about yourself after your session? After the session I was relieved and energized! After seeing some of the shots I felt beautiful! Jess captured me exactly the way I was hoping.


Were you nervous before your viewing session? Yes! I'm overly critical of myself. I have a strong jaw line that I feel can really take over. I was also nervous that some of the pictures might be a bit too sexy. The black outfit with the straps across the legs was very fun, but also verged a little into S&M....eek! But again, Jess worked her camera magic to make it a little more PC.


How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos? It took me a while to warm up to the photos.. After looking at them 5 or 6 times I started to actually see myself. I didn't see flaws, I didn't see my jaw line...I saw me. And I LOVED them! I felt beautiful. I looked strong yet feminine. Most of all I looked sexy AF!


What were your favorite products? I loved the large hard copy album. This is something that will last forever and something you can pass down to future generations.


What would you tell anyone interested, but maybe hesitant, in booking a session of their own? Book it! This is an investment in you! As women we too often take ourselves out of photos because we aren't perfect. Or we might feel out of place. This is your chance to shine and show the world who you are. Strong, beautiful, courageous. All of us have a story. Let the girls help tell your story by showing you how fierce you really are!!


How was working with Jes, Emily, and Katie? I loved working with them. They are extremely easy to talk to. I was able to share any concerns I had with open dialogue and constructive feed back. Let's not forget to mention how artistic these girls are. Their vision and beauty comes out in all the pictures they take.


Will you be doing another session? I would love to but I'm buying a new house and won't have the funds available for quite a while.


Anything else you want to add? What Jes, Emily, and Katie are doing for women is completely amazing. I think we as women are far to hard on ourselves. These girls go above and beyond to make sure every woman knows their worth and shows their worth through the beautiful pictures they take. Thank you for all you do.