Investing In A Session

You're here! We are so excited to welcome you into our world. We seriously cannot wait to make you feel like the queen you are. You clicked on this so obviously you're interested in investing in a session.

First thing's first! You are not just getting photos. You are getting an entire experience. We are here to remind you that you are a goddess, a queen, a modern day wonder. We want to fawn over how glorious you truly are. You start out the session by trying on your own personal closet picked for just for you. These are pieces for your specific body type, to make your body look incredible, and to make you feel stunning!! From there you move into professional hair and make up with Emily and then into the shoot. Two hours of feeling fierce as all things holy and hearing us compliment you for days on end! We seriously won't be able to get enough of you!!

Now you're probably thinking all that sounds fine and well but you came here to know more about the investment. Not cost, investment. You are investing in yourself and how you feel about yourself when you leave our studio.

Duluth Boudoir Photography

Products in the studio range between $600 to $4300. We do offer payment plans but you can also start paying for product before you've even booked your session so you get it that much sooner!! Your viewing is roughly two weeks after your session which is when you get to pick your products. One thing to note is that you do not get your product until after it has been paid in full.

So, now you know about the investment, below are some tips and tricks for how to save so when you take the plunge and book with us, you can get whatever product you want without scrimping and pinching! Bonus, the sooner you pay it off, the sooner that scrumptiousness is in your hands!

  • Create a separate account specifically for your boudoir session. This will allow you to put your extra money aside without having to think about it. It also removes temptation to use it for something else - don't dip into your savings, that's your safety net! Want to be extra sneaky about how much you're stashing in there? Automate it! If you have direct deposit through work, alter how much you are putting into your accounts. $20 each paycheck adds up quickly!

  • Create a change jar or shoe box. It seems silly but it's so easy! Add your spare change to it whenever you have any. Bonus if you can add in small bills, too.

  • Create a budget. Take some time to figure out how much you are bringing in and where it is all going. Cut down on the extras like eating out, renting those movies from Vudu, having three music services you pay for monthly - cut one out for a while! Funnel those savings into that change jar or boudoir account.

    • If you do eat out, stick to water! The hospitality industry can mark up drinks (alcoholic and non) up to 5% - a family of four spends an average of $15 on drinks when at a restaurant. ALL THE SAVINGS!

  • Use the 24 hour rule. This rule seriously helps curb impulse buying. We are all prone to impulse spending and it's a habit best to break. When shopping online, add items to your cart but sit on it for 24 hours. Come back to it and you will more than likely find you don't want or need it anymore!

  • Treat yourself, but use it as an opportunity to save. Example: if you splurge on Starbucks while out running errands, put the same amount into your boudoir account or jar. $4 to the coffee, $4 to your boudoir savings, And think of it this way, if you can't afford to save the matching amount, you can't afford the treat either.

    • Other people skip the treat all together and double the amount put into their jar. Instead of $4 for coffee, you put $8 in the jar. It's drastic but effective!

  • Unsubscribe from those tempting emails! Express is having yet another sale, Eddie Bauer is 40% off AGAIN and you just want to take a peek. I get it!! I've been there too. Cut those emails out and you won't even know about those temptations! You can't miss what isn't being thrown in your face.

There are also tons of apps to help you track what you are spending your money on and how to cut out extras, making it easier to convert those normal dollars into boudoir dollars!! Take a peek here and happy saving!!

Now let's look at some more babes!

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