It's Review Time!

I received a really sweet review from one of my recent boudoir clients this week.  She had her session a couple of weeks ago at our Duluth studio, and what she wrote left us beaming from ear to ear!  This is what boudoir photography sessions are all about!

“Honestly, I was so hesitant on even scheduling this boudoir shoot, I had always thought it would be so fun to do but maybe someday when I was “more confident with my body.” You know the same song and dance. Anyways, I decided to take the plunge and just do it, I am who I am now, my body will never look this way again, and if he loves me this way then why the heck not! I knew that it would be completely out of my comfort zone but I could do it!

The day of, I got to your studio so early, from the second I got there you guys were AMAZING. Emily suggested that I try on a few outfits and she even helped give an opinion with which ones she liked, totally helped make me feel comfortable. Then I was pampered. I mean PAMPERED! Emily did such an amazing job on my hair and makeup and literally made me feel so beautiful! It was such an amazing feeling, I loved every second of this experience!

On to the photos, at first I could literally feel my heart beating out of my chest, but then Jes walked me through everything. She demonstrated each pose, expressions, where my eyes should be… EVERYTHING. This is exactly what I needed, totally helped me feel more at ease. I had an absolute blast that day! I left the studio feeling so great about myself, it was such a great experience, and quite the confidence booster! It didn’t take long and I was back in the studio viewing my images, oh my god, I felt so good about them. Each image was delicate and beautiful, so tasteful, Jes has quite the eye! Jes then explained the products that they have available for purchase and about their 8 month payment plans. I cannot wait to see what I ordered, I am absolutely thrilled!

I would say to anyone debating whether or not to schedule a session, to just do it! Jes and Emily are (sounds corny but..) the dream team for sure! They bring out your beauty so much, things that you are uncomfortable with you discuss early on so they are aware of poses to avoid and other poses to enhance on.

Thank you guys once again!”

She hasn’t given her gift yet, so shhhhhhhhh ;)…. more to come from her session soon

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