"This experience surpassed my expectations!" | Duluth Boudoir Interview with Jen

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How Old Were You At Your Session? 27

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What made you decide to book a session? I’ve wanted to book a session since I first stumbled upon the studios Facebook page! I’m getting married this coming October and I decided this was finally my year to book a session!

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What was originally holding you back from booking a session? I kept telling myself I wanted to “get in shape” before I booked a session. When I was at the Duluth Wedding Show in January, I met the ladies and after talking to them and looking at some of the products I decided to just go for it and book my session!

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What were you most nervous about for your session? I was nervous about being able to “look sexy” but when you’re working with Jes, she shows you the pose first and helps you with everything, even down to how to breathe! After the first few photos I had zero worries!


How did you feel about yourself before your session? Before my session I lacked a little bit of self confidence. I had some insecurities. As soon as I walked through the studio door the day of my shoot, I told myself it was time to start loving myself.

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Describe your experience. When I walked into the studio, Katie and Emily greeted me, we talked about the process and they showed me the items selected for me to wear. I started trying everything on, it was difficult to narrow down the outfits! Once I picked my favorites, Jes came in and styled my outfits and then Emily started my makeup and hair. She is a makeup guru! She did such an amazing job! We had a conversation where I told her about how I had previously felt like I wanted to get in shape before booking a session. We talked about how self love is important and confidence comes from within. Her words were so eye-opening to me and still really resonate with me. After hair and makeup I put my first outfit on and we started shooting! Jes was so good about being patient with me while I got into the poses and she walked me through everything step by step. I agreed to go live for part of my session and I’m glad I did! It was fun to see the comments and Katie is the best cheerleader! I was smiling and laughing a lot between her and Jess’s comments and dialog! After we were done for the day I almost felt a little bit sad that my session was over but I was so excited to see my pictures! I left feeling so confident and happy! All the ladies made me feel so comfortable. I already can’t wait for my next session!

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How did you feel about yourself after your session? I feel so much more confident and sexy. I think those feelings were in me all along, but my session really helped to bring them out!

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Were you nervous before your viewing session? No I was excited! My fiancée and I were about 10 minutes early because we just couldn’t wait to see my photos!


How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos? I felt amazing! I didn’t want to stop looking at them!


What were your favorite products? Can I say everything?? Mine is the album we chose and my fiancée is excited for the Polaroids!

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What would you tell anyone interest, but maybe hesitant, in booking a session of their own? BOOK YOUR SESSION! Seriously. Don’t put it off, don’t wait to hit a certain goal or feel a certain way about yourself. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I would recommend this experience to everyone!

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How was working with Jes, Emily, and Katie? So amazing. They are two of the sweetest people I have ever met! They were very professional but at the same time they made me feel like we were all just hanging out as good friends!

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Will you be doing another session? Without a doubt!!

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Anything else you want to add? I just want to thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart. This experience surpassed my expectations!