duluth minnesota boudoir photography by jes hayes of mad chicken studio | gorgeous boudoir photographs

origin of inspiration: her hair, her freckles, her eye color, all around... her :)

Jill is probably one of the most amazing women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She is open, honest, and adores her husband and little girls.  Before we even met in person, she shared some amazing stories and thoughts.  By the time we met, I felt like we were friends.  She even continued to share after her session.  She is one of those women who accepts everyone, regardless.  She is thoughtful, loving, and wants to pass down an amazing message of positivity in women and body image to her girls.  I know that this little paragraph is quite vague, but it's not my job to share the intimate details of the conversations I have with my clients.  Just trust me.... Jill is very special to our little studio :).

Jill brought in a couple of pieces for her session, including her husband's flannel, which we thought was super sexy!  Especially paired over our body suit.  Her other outfits included something flowy, something lacy, and something super sexy!