Summer's Story | Duluth Boudoir Interview

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Hi there,

My name is Summer and this is my boudoir story. So why not start from the beginning? I remember the day that I was added to the group Mad Chicken Studio on Facebook. I still have no clue how I was added but I am so thankful that the group found me. If you had asked me then what I needed, my answer certainly would not have been boudoir photography but as time went on I realized just how healing and empowering this group is. I thought about booking a session but my insecurities held me back each and every time. I actually booked a session back in June of 2017 but I talked myself out of it and cancelled. Worst mistake ever. Well, I waited until the 2018 Black Friday sale and I did it again; I booked my session and this time I did not cancel! Victory was mine! Nothing was going to stop me from doing this session. Fast forward a month and a few days and I am driving up to the studio. My hands were sweating, my chest was tight and all of my anxiety was on high alert. Despite all of the anxiety I got out of my car and walked my butt to the door.

I did it, I was at the door and was ready for the day. I thought that the session would be awkward and tense but it was just the exact opposite. The moment that I walked into the studio I felt welcomed and wanted and B-E-A-YOU-TIFUL. Emily, Jess and Katie were just a blast! I can’t believe how funny they are. The entire session I was cracking up and honestly felt no tension at all. Not once. I didn’t even feel awkward when I struggled to put on fish nets, when I came out with the ‘forbidden’ nipples showing or even when I had my butt in the air like I just didn’t care. The session was exactly what I needed. The session ended and I didn’t want to leave but when I did, I left glowing with a smile stuck to my face.

So why did I book a session? Besides the fact that all of the photos that I have seen from the studio are stunning, I have always struggled with many different issues regarding my body. One issue that I have dealt with my whole life is my body image and self-esteem but through the group I have been flooded with body positive posts that embrace all types of bodies. This group has honestly been life changing. The confidence that I have gained is unbelievable and the way that I feel about my body is getting better and better each day.

The other main struggle that I had with my body was that I no longer felt like it was mine. I am going to get really real for a second here so bear with me. In the Fall of 2016 something really awful happened where a man took my body like it was nothing. I have seen multiple therapists and tried a number of techniques aimed at eliminating trauma but none of it helped as much as my experience with Mad Chicken Studio. I wanted to reclaim my body as mine. Not only did I want to take my body back from him but I wanted to reclaim my body from everyone who ever criticized it. I wanted to take my body back from a society that tells me that my body isn’t okay and then turns around to sell me the newest weight loss hack. And I DID! And I took it back in style all thanks to help of Emily, Katie and Jess.

I do not think that I have stopped smiling since my session with the girls. From the moment that I walked into the studio up until this very moment the girls made me feel like a queen that could walk out and do anything that I wanted to. I can’t believe that I hadn’t done this sooner. I had let all of my insecurities get in the way of this amazing experience and I urge anyone that is letting their insecurities stop them to let them go and embrace this amazing process because you will not be disappointed.