katelyn at mad chicken studio duluth boudoir photography boudoir movement split toned images in lingerie

origin of inspiration: HAIR, skin, eyes, and the fact that she is basically the sweetest person ever

We love Katelyn :), and she was a dream to work with :).  From the moment that she came into our studio, I felt like she was an old friend!  Her session was filled with joking and laughter, plus she brought in some fantastic pieces to wear.  One being a vintage blue gown and another lace fitted slip.

Since we have a pretty great closet, we did end up grabbing a couple of outfits from there, as well.  Our ever popular "Sisterhood of the Traveling Bodysuit" looked amazing on her, and we also paired up some awesome high waisted panties and sweater with a beautiful bra that she brought in.

Emily did a soft pink makeup on Katelyn and then she gave her this awesome spiral curled hairstyle that we have been obsessing about ever since!