"Being able to empower more and more woman is an inspiration and I feel blessed to be part of that. " | Duluth Boudoir Interview with Krystle

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How old were you at your session?31

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What made you decide to book a session?
I wanted to do something fun and spontaneous for mine and my husbands 10 year anniversary and give the finished products to him as a gift.

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What was originally holding you back from booking a session?
To be honest I felt like I wasn't going to like the pictures of myself due to being a bigger girl and other flaws I have. But after being in the VIP group on Facebook and the way everyone treated each other by talking so positive towards each other and motivating ladies I felt inspired to just do it. The group helped me feel better about myself no matter what flaws I felt I have. 

Of course the price was also weighing on my mind but being that they offered a nice payment plan I figured to just go for it.

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What were you most nervous about for your session?
I was mostly really nervous about what I was going to wear and have done for makeup. I just didn't know what would make me feel more beautiful and of course sexy. I had so many outfits I kept debating about bringing but had also heard how large the studio's closet was so wasn't sure if I should bring mine or not.

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How did you feel about yourself before your session?
I felt very moved and motivated as I had told some friends I was having a session and they were excited for me. They helped make me feel more confident which helped relieve any nervousness I had going into it. I knew how much I wanted to have this session done to surprise my husband and of course that he loves me for no matter what I look like. I booked it for Valentine's Day as I knew I had more of an excuse to have hair and makeup done so I could wear it out for mine and my husbands evening.

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Describe your experience.
It was sooo much FUN and I felt SOOOO SEXY!! Going into it feeling motivated helped me a lot. Emily had me start out in the closet to pick 4 outfits to wear. I did bring a few of my own as well and ended up going with 1 of mine and 3 of theirs. It really didn't take me long to decide. I then went into hair and makeup with Emily and she did such beautiful work. The poses were a bit work but I felt I handled them well. I didn't realize going into the session that they were going to be exact certain poses but I understood I was working with a professional and Jes knows her stuff! During the session Jes showed me some of my pictures on her camera and I felt great and it just made me want to continue taking more and more. Emily and Jes made me laugh throughout my session and working with them was so much fun. I will definitely be back again!

How did you feel about yourself after your session?
I felt sexy and like nothing could bring me down that day. I had my hair and makeup all done and couldn't wait to celebrate Valentine's Day with my husband that night. Of course I really wanted to see my photos that day but knew I had to wait.

Were you nervous before your viewing session?Kind of!

How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos?
I felt so beautiful. I LOVED all of my photos and didn't know what I was going to pick out for photos. I also knew that I would be back for another session within the next year but definitely going to go for an outdoor session!

What were your favorite products?Sumatra collection!

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What would you tell anyone interested, but maybe hesitant, in book a session of their own?
Just go for it. Don't put yourself down thinking you aren't beautiful or that any flaw you think you have is going to ruin your photos. Jes and Emily are amazing ladies and they know what they are doing from start to finish. Of course people may let the cost shy them away but seriously the price doesn't matter it's the confidence in yourself that makes the whole process worth it all.

How was working with Jes and Emily?
It was soooo much fun! They have the best personalities for what they do and I believe that it's what has made them so successful. I would never go to a different studio for boudoir photos period!! I plan on making it a habit to continue the experience by booking more sessions down the road with them.

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Will you be doing another session?YES!! No questions asked!

Anything else you want to add?
I have never felt so inspired by anyone until being in Jes and Emily's group on Facebook and of course having a boudoir shoot with them. Being able to empower more and more woman is an inspiration and I feel blessed to be part of that. From me thinking that my stretch marks from having three kids would make me feel more uncomfortable, the spider veins on my legs and my bigger belly didn't matter to me anymore from being in this group and I say that being very serious. None of those things mattered to me as I know I'm beautiful and we are all beautiful and need to not think otherwise about ourselves. Having a boudoir session done by Jes and Emily was such an amazing experience and I hope many others decide to work with them!