duluth boudoir photography session by mad chicken studio | lingerie by h&m

origin of inspiration: Her freaking hair! her skin, her smile, her hair, oh and her hair

I continue my blog catching up extravaganza with the stunning M.  So obviously we are a little obsessed with her hair, but seriously... LOOK AT IT!  It is flipping glorious.  We told her that we wanted to steal it for ourselves, and she wasn't at all creeped out by this, so that is a win in our book ;)

We had so much fun during her session.  For those ladies who have not had their session yet, let me run down what happens:

1. I talk.... a lot!
2. I get strangely winded
3. I do all of the poses for you first... with two cameras attached to me
4. I sometimes get so excited that I try to say two words at the same time

Number four reared its ugly head during M's session when I tried to say pretty and beautiful at the same time, and it came out.... peautiful.  True Story.  We laughed for about five minutes after.

But in all seriousness, M killed her session, and she is so stinking peautiful ;)