"Everything about working with Jes was better, and felt better, and when I saw my pictures, I cried." | Duluth Boudoir Interview with Poly

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Five years ago I went through the biggest heart break of my life. I was left in a place I never thought I would be. I felt small, not good enough, insignificant. It shattered me to the core and highly impacted the way I saw myself as a woman. It was then that one of my friends told me I should have a boudoir session. I swear I thought she was high for even saying something so outrageous. However it sparked something in me, and a few months later, not really feeling like I was ready for it, I had my first session. I left the session feeling like a spark had been lit inside of me. And when I saw the pictures, it was like all this confidence had just poured all over me. I decided that day Boudoir was something I would do every year for my birthday, as a gift for MYSELF. A reminder that I AM ENOUGH. I reminder that I am a woman who doesn't NEED a man, even if I choose to be with one. 


Four years into it and my confidence was as high as it had ever been, despite being four years older, and as I looked at my past sessions I started wishing for something more. Don't get me wrong, the photos were pretty, but they were lacking a higher level of sexiness that I just really wanted to see in my pictures. And that's pretty much when I started seeing Jes' work. It was exactly what I was looking for! She took everything to the next level, and seemed to always push herself to be better and better. My first session with her I brought my own lingerie, and almost felt foolish after seeing her closet. Needless to say I did not wear my things. I went through hair and makeup, then had so much fun during the session. Everything about working with Jes was better, and felt better, and when I saw my pictures, I cried. They were perfect! 


I had my second session with Jes and Emily, and already have my third booked for August, when I'll turn 32, and I honestly couldn't be more pumped! There are no reservations because I know Jes really knows what she's doing, and I know it will keep being a confidence booster, and a reminder that I AM ENOUGH.