Product Series: The Sultan Collection

Hello Beautiful Humans!! We have been getting asked a bit more frequently about our products and what we offer to display your gorgeous images. Well I’m here to tell you to have no fear! We will be doing a blog series about each collection and each a la cart product. Without further ado!!

The Sultan Collection

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The Sultan collection is jokingly called “The One of Everything Collection”, and we would love to tell you why! The Sultan Collection includes:

Platinum Album: This is a stunner of an album and really gets most of the images from your session in print! This beautiful 13x9.5 album holds up to 75 images from your session. Your images will be displayed in our popular modern and elegant layouts that are custom designed for each individual client.. This black book may be large, but it comes in a black box for storage, and will help you keep things discreet, if that is your goal. Store it in a place where you have easy access, because you will want to look at it all the time!

Video Album: This leather bound folio may make our video album look like one of our photo album, but it has a surprise in it, when you open it. Upon opening this beauty, you will be greeted by your slideshow that you saw, when you came in for your viewing. The Video Album is not available for purchase a la carte.

Full Digital Collection: All of your gorgeous, fully retouched images on a USB drive with a print release! This is the perfect way to be able to share your images digitally, and print any and all of the photos you like!

Custom View Master: You won’t find Mickey Mouse in here! We made a super sexy adult version of a classic childhood favorite! Choose seven of your horizontal images to be displayed in our most fun product! The Custom View Master has been a gift favorite for years and is not available for purchase a la carte. If you want to add additional wheels, however, you can do so for an additional charge.

Polaroid Gift Box with Ten Polaroids: Choose ten of your favorites, and we print them off on mini Polaroids for you! Gone are the days of wallet photos, because this retro option is much more fun. We even present them to you in a hard black case. Easy for purses or traveling partners. The Polaroid Gift Box is also not available for purchase a la carte.

Bonus Perk: The Sultan Collection will qualify you for 50% off any of our Metal Wall Art. We proudly have ours on display in our client closet.

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**This collection is eligible for three pre payment bonuses so that’s super exciting!!

If you are curious about pricing, click this handy dandy contact form and our auto-responder should help you out with any questions you might have. Next week we are coming at you with our Sumatra Collection. See you then!!