When You Let Out Your Inner Badass | Duluth Boudoir Interview With Rachel

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How old were you at your session? 28

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What made you decide to book a session?
I saw the Black Friday Booking Special and couldn’t pass up that awesome deal!

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What was originally holding you back from booking a session?
Being nervous about how I would look in my pictures! I don’t have the “dancer’s body” I had when I was a sophomore in High School anymore, so I was scared I wouldn’t like how I looked!

What were you most nervous about for your session?
Trying on the outfits and not finding anything that flattered my body, that and just being awkward while trying to pose!

How did you feel about yourself before your session?
I’m fairly self-confident. I don’t often wear make-up and just have the mindset that if you don’t like how I look, don’t look at me! I do dress to flatter my better features and disguise what I don’t like though!

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Describe your experience.
My session was amazing!! It was so nice having a narrowed down rack of outfits picked out for me to try on! After selecting way too many, Jes and Emily helped me narrow them down and then Jes styled them while I hopped in to the chair for Emily to work her magic! When I was in my first outfit, there was a “great pocket of light” so Jes apologized for tossing me right in without “warming me up,” but some of the pictures she got from that moment are incredible, so worth it! I did my best to contort my body in to all of the poses Jes was showing me! I felt like a sexy badass and I’m so glad I picked out the 4 outfits I did! When Jes kept showing me pictures on her camera, I was so excited to see them all at my viewing! It was a great day, and I got many compliments on my hair and makeup for the rest of the day! I’m also glad I did the live stream...I knew I wouldn’t be any more or less awkward with doing it, but hopefully women choosing to do so will empower other women!

How did you feel about yourself after your session?
Incredibly badass and sexy! I already can’t wait to do another!

Were you nervous before your viewing session?Just in anticipation of how much I’d like them!

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How did you feel about yourself after seeing your photos?
I love love love them!! They turned out better than I could have ever hoped! I’m so glad I didn’t wait until I got to my “ideal body” because I love my curves in the pictures!

What were your favorite products?I had to get one of (almost) everything because I love my photos so much and the products!

What would you tell anyone interested, but maybe hesitant, in book a session of their own?
That they should jump in and just do it! It is so worth it and you will love the process and the end results!!

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How was working with Jes and Emily?
They are so sweet, professional, and empowering!! They are good at their craft and make it so easy to feel comfortable!

Will you be doing another session?I’d do another one tomorrow if I could!