Rohana's 70's Inspired Shoot

Did you know that we have a bucket list of stylized shoots we want to do? Did you also know that we are OBSESSED with all things 70s here?

When Rohana told Jes that she was renting a house straight out of the 70s, we knew we had to make this happen! With red carpet, inset shelves, and wood paneled walls, the house made for a perfect backdrop to our golden, skating wonder. We already had the jumpsuit, we found the sunglasses at Blue Arrow Boutique, and we scored the legit roller skates super cheap on Ebay. Emily gave Rohana Farrah Fawcett inspired hair and used Colourpop Cosmetics CUTE AF and I Think I Love You eyeshadow palettes to create the epic Golden Goddess vibe.

I think we can all agree that Rohana nailed the look and transported us back to the days of all things far out and took it to the max. She’s such a bunny and a total ace. Straight from the mouth of Jes, “It was fucking awesome! Fuckin'-a right!!”

Now let’s all peep this groovy baby who set it blazin! Dig it.