sara's boudoir photography session at mad chicken studio in duluth, minnesota

origin of inspiration: eyes and smile!

I met Sara about a year and a half ago when she hired me for a family session.  It was at Sara's session that my biggest fear and nightmare happened.  Let me set the scene.... we climb a little hill, I get them all set up and they look fantastic!  I do a test shot, and to my horror, I realized that I left ALL of my camera cards sitting on my desk at my studio!  {A camera card is basically the roll of film, it holds all of the photos!}  I felt like a jerk as I drove like a bat out of hell back to my studio to grab them.  It is the one and only time that has happened!

Sara is one of those women who lights up a room when she enters.  She has the most beautiful warm brown eyes, beautiful skin and hair.  You can tell by talking to her that she is a nurturer.  I mean, she is a nurse, but you can tell that she just cares for everyone she meets. We just love every time she is in the studio!

I am still just dying over her images!