Sophia's boudoir session in Duluth, MN

mad chicken studio duluth boudoir photography session with victoria's secret lingerie

origin of inspiration: her eyes and her hair

Since this is the first full session blogged with, let me explain the sentence above.  Each girl that walks into my studio is different {duh... right?}.  If we were all the same, my job would be super boring.  Every girl has their own insecurities, things they love, and so on.  It is natural and can cause a whole flurry of emotions and thoughts when it comes to boudoir photography.  Every girl that sets foot into my studio has a story to tell.

When a woman walks into my studio, there is always something about them that I gravitate towards.  It is something that just happens naturally in my brain, and I actually really love it.  It allows me to make every single session different.

Sophia's eyes are amazing, and she had this ability for major connection with them.  Even when she wasn't looking at the camera, or when her eyes weren't fully in frame... they were connected.  It was amazing, and her photos are gorgeous!