Subconscious life mottos

For those of you who do not know, I grew up in a military family.  My dad joined the Air Force when I was two years old.  At the time, I don't think that he knew that it would be a career for him.  But it did.  My dad was, and still is, a very hard working man... and a very smart man.  I always joke that he is the type of person who can read a pamphlet and become an expert of something.

This month, my dad was promoted to CMSgt {Chief Master Sergeant}, complete with a promotion ceremony.  I didn't realize at the time, just how big of a deal this was.  I learned that only 1% of the military hold this rank.  I thought my dad was awesome before, but can we talk about that last sentence?

I am a perfectionist, and it is no secret, in my family, that I got this personality trait from my dad.  During his speech, at his ceremony, he said something that I haven't heard in years.  It was something that I heard so often growing up, that I rolled my eyes every time he said it to me.  I didn't realize the impact that it would have on the rest of my life.

My dad was always lecturing me, by saying "You need to leave things better than you found it."  He mostly said it when he was trying to clean my room, and to this day, I am a messy person {dang that right brain of mine}.  I almost started laughing when he was discussing this, because it made so much sense to me on a personal level.

I had forgotten about his motto, until his speech.  However, it never left me.  If you have ever heard me speak about my business... the motto is the pillar of everything my studio stands for.  I have always said things like "I want every wedding I shoot to be better than the last", "I want my business today to be better than my business yesterday", and specifically with boudoir "I want the women who set foot in our studio, to leave feeling better about themselves."

I think that is the reason why I am always researching ways to improve our experience, or my technique, or anything and everything.  I always want to be getting better.  I have my dad to thank for that.

I didn't feel that this post would be proper to include an image of one of our amazing clients.  I tried to be as fully present as I possibly could at the ceremony, but after I grabbed this quick photo of this card on my dad's desk.  A card with his new rank, a card that someone more than likely expressed how proud they are of him.  This card is a simple statement of all of the hard work that he put in, over the years, of every time he left something better than he found it.  No one will ever be as proud of my dad, as I am.  Even though I rolled my eyes every time you uttered the words "leave it better than you found it", I am really glad that it stuck with me.  Thank you dad for giving me the key to success.

*Please pardon the quality of this image... I snapped it quick on my phone