Take The Pledge

Hello, Loves! Below is a request from one of our favorite humans, Rachel Netzel-Gustafson (you might recognize her freaking gloriousness from around the VIP group and our Black Friday videos), who works at PAVSA. We are spreading the word and we took the pledge; will you join us?

Happy Thursday Mad Chicken Friends!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and as a valued community partner, the Program for Aid to Sexual Assault (PAVSA) invites you to participate in a month-long Start By Believing pledge drive.

End Violence against Women International (EVAWI) launched the Start By Believing campaign in April 2011 to end the cycle of silence and change the way society responds to sexual assault.

Start By Believing is a pledge to:

  • Start By Believing when someone tells you they were sexually assaulted

  • Support the survivor on the road to justice and healing

  • Help end the silence

Ways to participate:

  1. Take the pledge. (Take the pledge online at : http://start.blvrdev.com/pledge/ …. If you take the pledge online, be sure to include your city and state.)

  2. Use your agency social media sites to encourage your followers to take the pledge. You can use the hashtag  #startbybelieving and add your location #duluth or #twinports or #mn

  3. Attend PAVSA events throughout the month of April

We were inspired to launch this campaign by similar efforts in Richmond, Virginia where they were able to get over 1,600 pledges in their community. Our goal is to match and exceed their efforts.

Thank you for your help in this initiative and for making Southern Saint Louis County (Duluth/Hermantown) a safer and supportive home for survivors.

To learn more about PAVSA, visit our website at pavsa.org. To learn more about EVAWI, visit evawi.org

Thanks for everything you do!


We hope you will join PAVSA in their efforts and Start By Believing.