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origin of inspiration: her eyes, her sweater, and her confidence!!!

The main thing that I can say about Tiffany's boudoir session at our studio is that she killed it!  She is so confident and comfortable right away, that we really were able to showcase her personality.

I asked her what her fiance's favorite thing about her, and I LOVED her answer!  He loves absolutely everything about her!  And the smile on her face as she said it was so gorgeous!  That is what this is all about... I wish everyone could feel that way.  I really do...

Tiffany came in with her favorite bra on the planet and paired it up with some high waisted panties, and her favorite sweater that her fiance gave her.  She also grabbed three outfits from out closet.  She looked fabulous in everything that she put on, so it was hard to narrow down!

I love. love. love. Tiffany and every single last image from her session!