Trends In Boudoir: The ones we follow and the ones you should!

Well hello!! Just like any other industry, there are trends in the boudoir world. From everything from outfits to lighting to set ups! We are here to tell you about what trends we follow here and some other boudoir photographers for their take on the ones they follow.

Some trends work great for us and some trends work great for others. Think of 90s fashion trends, it would look crazy if one person did all of them! Could you imagine? Plaid, puff paint, platform shoes, shorts, tights, neon, and so much more! So photographers tend to pick and choose. Here is what we chose and here are some other photographers to follow so you can see them excel at what they chose!

Velvet!! If you know anything about us, it’s that we are fairly obsessed with our closet and keeping it plentiful. One of our true loves is velvet. A velvet bodysuit, a velvet two piece set, a velvet dress? You name it, we got it, in multiple colors and sizes! Velvet looks amazing on everyone and says, “Hey, I’m super luxe and you know you want to feel this, look at me looking all great on this human!”. Not to mention, most of our furniture! The Blue Babe couch, the Champagne couch, the purple chair and ottoman, duvet on the bed, throw pillows…. yeah…. we love us some velvet.


Showers!! Oooooo you’ve seen the photos but you might not have known it was a trend. Shower scenes in the boudoir world are relatively new and we actually watched a tutorial on a forum we follow to set ours up. It’s so much fun and something cool and different.


The velvet and shower scenes are two of the trends we follow but the list below has so many more and the photographers we mention excel at them! While beautiful, these ones are not for us but these fellow photographers are incredible at it! So what are some other trends you should check out? I’m glad you asked!!

Wings. These can be done in the most amazing way and look so incredible!! Check out Ore Adesina’s work here! She is one of the most beautiful souls we know and we cannot sing her praises enough! She is so damn talented it hurts!

Bathtubs. Everything from milk baths, black water, tulle, florals, etc… The possibilities of a bathtub are endless! Jessica Rae’s skills are killer and so are her images!

Plants and Lines. Lexy Parks is BOMB! Her work is phenomenal and she incorporates both of these together frequently. Check out her work and come back and tell us how right we are!

Neon. Check the QUEEN herself, Teri Hofford. Our mentor and mermaid of badassery! Check out her 7 Rings inspired shoot because hot damn!!

These are just some of the trends! There are plenty more out there and we love seeing how fellow photographer’s incorporate them into their work. The photographers listed above should most definitely be in your feed on the regular and we highly recommend following them because, necessary.