What I learned from my boudoir session...

Late Friday afternoon, after I was at a workshop all morning and early afternoon, I had my boudoir session.  It was a week after I turned 35, and I learned a lot!  Here are some observations about the whole process, that I made.  This will hopefully help you prepare for your session, or help settle some concerns that you have about scheduling your session.

1. The prep sucks.  That's right, at a certain point, it really lost it's luster.  I mean, I did go and buy some pieces of lingerie the week of the session, just in case I needed it.  But the night before, I went and got my nails done after work, pick up a few things that I forgot {yes, I do this for a living and still forgot a few things!}.  The morning of my session, I had to shave my legs... and actually pay attention to what I was doing, wash my hair, and make sure that I was not forgetting anything.

2. You MUST eat!  So I ate before my session, but I did not eat enough.  A boudoir session is a full on workout.  I started having the shakes halfway through my session.  Once the shakes start, it is hard to control.  While we are on the topic... you also must hydrate.  Nothing like getting cramps while posing!

3. You will probably love the photos from the outfit you were least excited about.  It might be because you keep putting it off until last, or because you built up the outfits you love so much, that they almost let you down.  I'm not sure what happens, but it's weird :)

4. You will be sore the next day!  Oh man, I do these posing every day in the studio with my girls. But I never have to hold them like the girls.  All I can say is ouch!  Again, you are getting a full on workout!

5. You will feel gorgeous.  When I left my studio that night, I felt like the most beautiful women in the world.  Even though I was tired, I wanted to take on the town!

6. Your images will be better than you imagined!  Even for me, it was better than what I was seeing in my head!

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