What I learned from my second boudoir shoot

I talk the talk, so it is important for me to walk the walk.  I just had my second boudoir session, and I do them for two reasons:

1. Our bodies make a lot of changes over the year.
2. I like to test drive our experience to see if we need to make any improvements.

Over the last year, I experienced a pregnancy, birth, and the hormonal changes that a postpartum body presents.  I went from a size 10 to a 16.  My body is rounder and softer.  The first thing I will say, is that I love my photos from my second shoot more than my first.  I will also say that even though we give one hell of an experience to our clients, I did see where some improvements can be made.  Here is what I learned.

1. Hydration. I talk about the importance of drinking water before your session BUT when you arrive, we do not have any to offer.  Of course I want to step it up, and not just have regular bottles of water, so naturally it is going to take some research.

2. Breakfast.  The morning of my shoot, I was running around busy getting stuff together, trying to get my daughter off to Grandma and Grandpa's for the day, and trying to get to the studio in time for my session to start.  I completely forgot to feed myself.  This is a really bad idea guys.  Your muscles will completely give out on you, if you haven't had the proper nourishment.  I am looking at options for something to eat while Emily is starting on your hair.  I am trying to ensure that she is able to do what she needs to do without interruption.

3. The chairs.  No, I'm not talking about the prop chairs during the session.  I am talking about the chairs that are used for hair and makeup... ouch!  I'm a whiner sometimes, so I did complain a lot.  We recently added a much comfier hair and makeup chair to the studio to keep me from future whining.

4. Decisions.  After the outfits are chosen, after hair and makeup is done, it is time for photos, right?  So typically I will tell girls to start with the outfit they are most comfortable in.  For my session, I honestly did not know where to start.  I wanted someone to tell me.  I am going to work on this for future sessions.

As a side note... you guys... my posing has changed significantly from last year.  They are no joke!  They are much more intense.  I always tell everyone to stretch before bed, but it is hard work.  Shout out, kudos, and all of the hoorays for you guys for not complaining once... see my note above... I totally complained.  I love you all! 

I hope everyone is prepared for our experience to get even better than before... if that is even possible :).