What Is Body Image Bootcamp?

What is Body Image Boot camp? Our bodies are literally born to die. When we put so much worth into what they look like, what happens to our bodies when they start to break down? Society has taught every single human being that they are not worthy and that there is always something that needs to be fixed. Body Image Boot camp is there to provide tools for women to start changing their mindset. Emily and Jes have been through the boot camp themselves and are now trained facilitators. This is possible because of our mentor, Teri Hofford (of Teri Hofford Photography).

We want to ask the questions to get you thinking about why you think the way you do about your body. Body Image Boot camp is something that we hope to run a couple of times a year with our first one starting February 28, 2019, 5pm-7pm. The course will be run two hours, once a week, over the course of six weeks at our studio. Because this is our maiden voyage we will not be charging for this round and we are taking applications to win scholarship to the course. There are only six spots available. You are NOT required to be a past client to participate. This is open to EVERYBODY. Please do not apply if you cannot make the six week commitment. If your application is accepted you will be required to allow us to photograph you while in class, you will be required to provide a testimony about the course both in writing and in video form (video will be provided for you), and you will need to advocate for the course once completed in the group as well as other social media platforms.

What will you be doing exactly? It is a support group but it is both individual work and group work. You will be doing a lot of personal exercises and journaling. Jes and Emily will be giving us prompts to make us remember certain events in our lifetimes to get to the root of where issues with body image started. It will be delving into body neutrality and looking at your body in a more neutral sense and learning to have a better relationship with it.

When applying, please be thoughtful in your answers. We will not accept entries that are short and not thought provoking. Answers such as "I think it will be fun!" will not be accepted. We want real, in depth, meat and potatoes stories as to how you got to this point in your life and how you think this course will alter your way of thinking. Also, in your application, please write that you give consent to your photo being taken, that you understand you will be required to give a testimony both in writing and video, and that you understand you will be an advocate for Body Image Bootcamp.

To apply, you must email Jes at jessica@madchickenstudio.com as to why this course would be beneficial for you. Application process ends Monday, January 28th. Scholarship winners will be notified by Friday, February 1st, via email.

Still unsure about it? Check out Becoming Emily in which Emily opens up about her experience with her body before and after bootcamp. Keep a box of tissues handy!

We can’t wait to hear from you!