What makes us different?

I read somewhere recently that when it comes to a boudoir photographer, you never want to go cheap.  If you do, you are either working with someone who has no clue how to run a business.... or you are working with someone who just wants to see you half naked.... ew.

No one understands more than I do that boudoir photography is an investment.  There is a lot of trust there, and emotions are high.  It is so so important to go with someone who is going to make you feel amazing about yourself.  Your photo shoot has nothing to do with me.  Even though we are the ones providing you with a kick-ass experience, it really does have nothing to do with us.  It is all for you.  It is to empower, boost confidence, get pampered, and making you feel like how the world sees you.

So all of that sounds really nice, right?  But why choose us over other photographers?  There are many reasons that add up to make one really great photo, so I am going to break things down for you.  Some of the things individually might not make us different, but add everything up together and it is one heck of a unique experience.  So let's do this... here we go!

duluth boudoir photographer mad chicken studio photography photographing h&m bodysuit

1. I have been an established business since 2007.  That might not seem like a lot, but I have spent the last nine years building a business, building a reputation, and building trust with all of my clients.  We are going to be around, and aren't going anywhere with your images!

2. We have a studio space.  You always know where to find us.  There is no trying to coordinate a hotel room, or a separate location for your session.  Besides, having a session at a hotel means that you will have to get ready someplace else, and pray that your session isn't on a super windy day... which is all too common in the Duluth area... thanks Lake Superior ;).

Duluth boudoir photography mad chicken studio photographing victoria's secret lingerie

3. On site hair and makeup.  Ever since my very first boudoir photography session back in 2011, I have always included hair and makeup with my sessions.  This helps make sure that you are looking your best, plus you get pampered which is part of the whole experience.  Girls are typically super nervous for their session... have you tried putting on eyeliner while you are nervous?  No thank you!  You get to kick back, relax and have your hair styled, and professional makeup, complete with false eyelashes... we have got you covered and you are going to look amazing!

4. The actual hair and makeup artist.  Emily works just for the studio, which means a lot of things.  The big one is that I don't have to check with anyone before you want to book your session.  I know her schedule, and know that she is always available.  I don't have to try and coordinate with anyone working for a salon.  It makes the whole booking process easier on everyone.  Emily is the only one that does hair and makeup for the studio, so I know that I can 100% back up her work.  I don't have to worry about the final product, which means you do not either.  Emily is amazing, and I am so proud to have her representing the studio.

duluth boudoir photographer mad chicken studio photographing lauren conrad robe and red lips

5. Our pre session prep is baller!  Albeit, it is a lot of information, and will take a while to go through, but we leave no stone unturned!

6. Posing.  Whether you are a size 2 or 22, you don't have to worry.  I'm obsessed with boudoir, and am constantly educating myself on all things boudoir.  I am a master at posing for all body types. You will be in awe of your images... I promise.  Every girl who has come in the studio has felt this way.  Just remember, perfect is boring, and someday will never arrive.

Duluth boudoir photographer mad chicken studio photographing forever 21 sequin bodysuit

7. Friendship.  Every girl that has come in here, has become a friend.  Biggest of hugs and high fives will happen... it's just a fact.  Know that your friends have your back.  We will ease your nerves, and you will laugh a ton!

8. Private group.  Yep.... we have a club, and it is private.  No boys allowed.  We all build each other up.... that is all I have to say about that ;).

duluth, mn top unique boudoir photographer mad chicken studio

9. Events.  Along with our private group, we also have private events to come and hang out.  We serve sweets, we buy you prizes, we have fun, and give you an excuse to get out and make some awesome friends!

10. BOUDOIR CLOSET!!!!!!!!! This is my favorite one.  We have two huge racks of lingerie options in every size, right here at the studio.  There are a ton of different style options, and a lot of options for girls who don't really want to show a ton of skin.  Who says a boudoir session needs to have skimpy lingerie {remember, that is not what the session is about ;)}.  You start your session with trying on anything you like, and we are there to help, if needed.  Sometimes you need a friend's perspective, and as noted in number 7.... we got your back ;).  PLUS, I am constantly buying new stuff for the closet which means we are on trend.  I shop for lingerie based on upcoming sessions, which means I am basically a personal shopper.  I ask all of their girls to provide me with their sizing, and I use that as a guide when I am looking for pieces.  Again, need I say, I got your back!

11. Payment plans.  I mentioned at the top of this post, that boudoir is an investment, and the experience of a lifetime that every girl should experience.  We try to make this as easy as possible, so we provide payment plans for everyone!  That makes things affordable for almost every girl!