When did it all stop for us?

This is the second year that I have volunteered to photograph the Father Daughter dances for Greysolon Ballroom, here in Duluth.  They are such fun events to work.  There are little girls in beautiful dresses everywhere on a date with the best guy in their world!

As I was watching the little girls run around last week, I noticed something.  They were all playing nicely with each other.  They would walk up to another little girl, and bam.... they were instant friends.  They all thought that they looked beautiful, and that all of their new friends were beautiful as well.  Everyone was happy.

The only thing that I saw that replicated some sort of adult women behavior was when I saw a group of little girls run by and yell "let's go get some pretty rings!".  I looked at my husband and said "that feeling never goes away" ;).... That was a joke, please do not take that for anything other than a joke.

It got me wondering, when does that feeling go away?  When do we stop thinking that we are beautiful?  When does it become unacceptable to just walk up to another woman and become instant friends?  Or better yet, when did it become unacceptable to even think that we are beautiful, without being labeled as stuck up?  How did this happen, and can we stop adulting now?

Seriously, how amazing would it be to get all dolled up and think we are pretty, and just make friends without judgement?!  Oh can I please be a kid again?! :)  Minus all of the running of course, because I am not friends with cardio... hahahaha.

It was Friday at the dance, that I was finally able to admit to myself what my life long goal is: I want to make as many women as possible feel unapologetically beautiful.

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