Why, It's An Award!!

Any time we get an award or get published, we all get so giddy! It means we are being recognized not only by you amazing creatures, but also by our industry. As with any business, getting validation from your peers is kind of a big deal. It means not only are you succeeding with your clients, but you are also setting standards and making lasting impressions within your professional communities.

This particular award came to us from AIBP. For those of you who do not know, AIBP stands for Association of International Boudoir Photographers. International, you guys!! GLOBAL!! This means photographers all over the world are seeing our work and have been! To be recognized internationally by other photographers in our specialty is kind of surreal. We know we follow and love photographers outside of the United States and to think there are photographers all over the world we feel the same way about us? Whoa. That’s incredible.

We have several awards featuring you glorious humans and we never cease to be so freaking excited every time we get one. You unicorns inspire us to work harder every day. We work strive to be best in class, not only for us, but for you as well. You’re the reason we moved to focus on boudoir only. You ladies are our passion and we want to do right by you. So here’s to all of us!

This image is our latest addition to our awards collection. Holly blew us away with her personality, her creativity, and her session in general. We think you might remember her….


And below are the next set of images that have won us awards recently. You might recognize Amity and her glorious strappy bodysuit….


Or Grace, the OG, reminding us all that she looks damn fine in the dead muppet coat and her sassy af bodysuit….


Or Jami proving what a badass superhero she is….


And Miss Emily slaying us all with that eye contact…..

Jes Hayes.jpg

We love you all so so much and can’t thank you enough for joining us on this journey.