Do you provide hair and makeup for your sessions?
Yes!  Our photo sessions come with full professional hair and makeup application!  Basically, we treat you like a supermodel for your session.

Am I required to have hair and makeup done for my session?
We have a professional hair and makeup artist on site for all of our sessions.  She makes my editing life a lot easier because she completely understands how makeup works for the camera.  Because of this, we do require that she is the only one who does hair and makeup for all of our sessions.  She works individually with each one of our clients to ensure they are 100% thrilled about their final look!

But can I do my hair?
Our boudoir sessions are a full experience.  We want you to be able to kick back, relax and get fully pampered by our team.  Our hair and makeup artist is fantastic at her job and has done hair of all of the amazing girls you see on the website.  Your job is to just enjoy your time with us.


Can I wait until I lose some weight?
Well, you can do whatever you would like!  However, at the risk of sounding corny, you are gorgeous right now!  I have spent endless hours researching posing techniques for many different body types.  I promise that regardless of how you feel about yourself, you will love your images.

Do I need to bring my own outfits?
We do have a really great boudoir closet that is available to all of my clients to use.  I highly recommend that each girl brings approximately 3-5 outfits of their own, just in case they do not find anything they like in our closet.  Every girl who books a session, gets a really long emailon how to prep for their session.  It includes what not to wear tips, and special items to bring.  Trust us… we left no stone unturned :).

I LOVE Pinterest and have a ton of ideas pinned to my board…. can I send them to you?  Can I have these photos/poses?
This is always a tricky question.  Each girl inspires me in a different way, and each session is custom to each girl.  Pinterest tends to be an inspiration killer for artists, and I want to be fully inspired the entire time that I am working with you.  Because of this, I ask that “pose ideas” or “requests” are not sent to the studio.  I want each girl to have an amazing session with amazing images, and I cannot do my best work if I am looking at someone else’s work.  We do not copy other photographer’s work.  I promise that you will love your unique images!

Will you Photoshop me to look perfect?
Again, at the risk of sounding corny, you do not need as much editing as you think you do.  I prefer to do most of my perfecting right at your session, in camera.  I do basic skin retouching, and adjustments, and I will do minor additional retouching in Photoshop.  I will not, however, turn you into someone else.  But again, I promise you will love your images!

But I am a bigger girl…
I pose each of my clients to showcase what they love most about themselves.  Each girl inspires me in a different way, and I usually work my posing around that.  Trust me… I have your back and will make you look amazing!  We actually have a no tolerance policy at the studio about talking about size in a negative way.  Every girl has their own insecurities, and I focus on making every girl feel amazing.

But what if I do not like my photos?
You are not the one person we will make look bad, I promise. Listen… if you can love what we do, and love our photos, then you have it in you to love yourself too. If you trust us, and trust the process, you will enjoy your photos.

When will my images be ready?
Your viewing an ordering appointment will take place approximately 14-21 days after your session.  Once you order, your prints and products will be available for pickup 4-8 weeks after the order is finalized and paid for.

Do you have payment plans?
Every client is offered a Pre-Session Payment Plan that can start as early as the day they book their session and can extend until 14 days prior to their session. We also provide clients with Bonuses if they pre-purchase. Should you decline to set up a Pre-Session Payment Plan or Pre-Purchase your order, you will simply come to your In Person Viewing and Ordering Appointment following your boudoir session and pay in full for your purchase, however, you will not be able to take advantage of the bonuses.

Post-Session Payment Plans are available on our collections only. Your minimum due on your first payment is 500, and the remaining amount can be split between 6-18 months depending on the collection you choose.

We accept cash, credit/debit, PayPal, PayPal Credit. We do NOT accept checks. For Payment Plans, it must be credit/debit.


How can I make payment?
We accept cash, credit/debit, PayPal, PayPal Credit. We do NOT accept checks. For Payment Plans, it must be credit/debit.  Your session fee, along with a contract, is due in full in order to reserve a date on our calendar.

Your print and product order is due during your viewing and ordering appointment.  Payment plans are available, in which prints and product will be delivered when payment is received in full.  Your first payment is due at your In Studio Viewing and Ordering Appointment.

Where will my session take place?
All sessions are held at our studio in Duluth, MN.


How long will my session be?
Your session will start with hair and makeup, which will take approximately two hours.  Right after hair and makeup, your photo session will begin and will take approximately two more hours.  Please make sure that you plan plenty of time that day for your session!

Am I required to sign a model release?
A Model Release allows us to share your images in our Private VIP Facebook Group, on Social Media, and on our website. It is not required to sign.  If you do decide to sign the model release, there are a few things you should know…

We treat your images with the utmost respect.  We never tag you on social media, because we understand that you might not want your friends and family seeing your images.