We are so excited for your upcoming boudoir session!  Your experience will start promptly at 10am.  Emily will show you the custom closet that we have pulled for you, based on the sizing you provided us.  Once you have finished trying things on, Jes will help you narrow your options down to four outfits, and she will fully style your outfits for you.  Emily will get you into her chair right after for hair and makeup.  You will be in hair and makeup for approximately two hours, and your session will be approximately an hour and a half to two hours.  Please plan accordingly.

Before we get into all of the fun stuff, there is one important topic that we need to cover.  It is strictly prohibited to bring in any alcohol or weapons into the studio, or arrive to your session having consumed alcohol.  It is nothing personal, however, it is a liability issue.  We are going to do everything in our power to ease your nerves and make you comfortable.  Unfortunately, if we sense that alcohol has been consumed at any point, the day of your session, we will have to ask you to leave and forfeit your session spot.

We do have a really great boudoir closet at the studio for you to use {waaaay over 200 pieces, to be exact}.  We have a variety of styles and sizes.  You are more than welcome to bring your own pieces to wear, however, our closet is so large that if you just come with the required undergarments, you will be set!  Please do not bring any shiny materials {satins, silks, etc} and shapeless garments {baby dolls, tshirts, loose fitting garments} as neither photograph well.  You must have underwear to wear under our pieces.  I recommend having a thong in both nude and black.  Don't forget about g-strings, even if you do not wear them, some of our studio pieces are thong style or really high cut, and g-strings are going to be your friend.  You do not have to wear a bra under our pieces, if you do not want to.


Let's chat shoes for one quick minute.  I am really, really picky when it comes to shoes.  I do find bare feet more organic, sexy, and candid.  However, sometimes a full length shot, or a certain image really needs to have some shoes.  We do have a shoe closet available at the studio, and Jes will pair footwear up with your outfits, as she sees fit.  If you would like to bring shoes for your session, know they may not be used, and they must follow the guidelines.  First, size matters with shoes, and I'm talking about the heel height.  Kitten heels, or even shorter heels create a shortening effect, and can even make your feet look bigger.  You need to have no less than a four inch heel on if you are going to wear shoes.  Be very careful when choosing style.  Closed toe pumps photograph really well, while strappy options, can look like prom shoes.

One last thing that you don't need to worry about is jewelry.  You will be standing, sitting, laying down, arching, bending and so on.  Items like necklaces can quickly become cumbersome to manage with each shot.  Surprisingly, many jewelry pieces do not photograph, as you think they will, and will barely even be visible in your images, unless focused on.  Same with earrings and bracelets.  We do have some statement necklaces and body jewelry in our closet, that Jes will style with your outfits.  If you are engaged or married, definitely wear your ring. 


Below, you will find some general to-do's to get your hair and skin ready for your session:

1. Get hair and makeup ideas from magazines or our Pinterest board and bring them with you to your appointment.  Here is a link to our hair inspiration board; and here is a link to our makeup inspiration board.  While we are on the topic of Pinterest, please be sure to relax and not stress yourself out too much.  Pinterest can be a black hole sometimes, and can cause a lot of stress and frustration.  Please do not bring in pose ideas to your session.  I pull my inspiration from each girl that is in front of the camera.  Each girl looks her best in different poses, and it is my job to make sure you look your best.  I do not copy other photographers' work. {this is a good thing :), one less thing for you to worry about!}

2. Uses a gentle exfoliator on your face 2 days before your session. It helps get rid of any dry skin buildup on your face along with giving you a nice glow. Don’t exfoliate the night or morning of your session. Your skin needs time to rejuvenate and sometimes can stay red for a while after.

3. Make sure your hair is dry when arriving to the studio.

4. The morning of your appointment wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply an oil free moisturizer. Your foundation will go on smoother if your skin is hydrated. Make sure all excess makeup is off, especially mascara.

5. If you wear contacts have them in before you arrive.

6. Wear a loose light weight shirt or button up shirt to your makeup and hair appointment. You want it to be easy to remove.  Also, wear loose fitting pants.  Tight jeans will leave marks down your legs.  Please remove socks prior to going into hair and makeup to avoid sock lines.

7. If you need to do any waxing such as eyebrow or lip do this at least a week before your session to avoid redness and swelling.  If you have regrowth, we can tweeze them to make sure that they are picture perfect!

8. Drink a lot of water the week before leading up to your skin session, your skin will thank you for it and be glowing!

9. Get a good night’s rest before your session to avoid puffiness and bags under eyes.

10. Brush your teeth and lips well before you arrive for makeup. This will allow your lip color to go on smoothly and stay better.

11. DO NOT TAN.  DO NOT GET A SPRAY TAN.  I cannot stress this enough.  Tan skin photographs orange, and spray tans will damage our garments and bedding.  DO NOT DO IT! Pale skin photographs beautifully!  We cannot Photoshop tan lines, or orange skin.

12. If you have any skin allergies or sensitivities let your makeup artist know ahead of time.  We may have you bring in your own makeup depending on the sensitivity level.

13. Trust your makeup artist with your look.  When you’re confident, your artist will be confident too!  Your makeup will be darker than you are used to.  This is how makeup for camera works.  The camera will wash out some of it.

14. Do not take your cell phone out while having your makeup done. Looking down at the screen makes your artist’s job a lot harder and can cause mistakes.

15. Please do not wear perfume or scented lotions to your session.  Also, please do not wear deodorant to your session.  You will be trying on garments first, and deodorant can leave marks.  We have spray deodorant at the studio that you can put on after your are done trying outfits.